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3 Legacy Franchises Xbox Should Revive to Celebrate the Brand’s 20th Anniversary

by Juno Stump

Xbox is officially twenty years old and it’s been a hell of a run so far. In that time Microsoft has given life to several franchises but many of them have also been killed over the years as studios were shuttered and priorities shifted (TV, TV, TV). 

Since Phil Spencer started leading Xbox the platform appears to have a more clear focus on its identity and legacy. Xbox’s past has been increasingly present in recent years, especially with Microsoft’s push for backward compatibility and Xbox Game Pass, so now would be the perfect time to revive some classic, Xbox original franchises. 

These are the first three franchises Xbox should bring back to celebrate the platform’s anniversary and legacy.

3 Legacy Franchises Xbox Should Revive to Celebrate the Brand’s 20th Anniversary

Fusion Frenzy 

Fusion Frenzy was Xbox’s answer to Mario Party and we need it now more than ever. Nintendo has released over a dozen Mario Party games in the last 20 years and several of them are on par with 2001’s Fusion Frenzy. 

It’s the perfect time to bring Fusion Frenzy back. Not only would it be a guaranteed hit thanks to Xbox Game Pass but it would also be a great vehicle for experimenting with different game ideas. 

Imagine the player feedback Microsoft could collect while testing out new gameplay ideas while we’re none the wiser and having a great time with friends. The series would also work very well with how social Microsoft’s ecosystem has grown in the years since with Game Pass Quests, Microsoft Rewards, and cloud gaming.  

Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Blinx is a time traveling cat that talks which automatically makes it the coolest franchise ever. Blinx: The Time Sweeper had some great ideas but they failed to translate into fun gameplay. The game and its sequel put players in control of Blinx, giving them the ability to manipulate time as a weapon or tool. 

The games allow players to record, pause, replay, fast forward, and more while moving through platforming challenges and combat. The series ultimately failed to gain momentum, but a new Blinx game could be so much fun if it’s done right. 

Technology has improved so much in the last 20 years and Microsoft owns a lot more studios than it did in 2001. The company could easily afford to let a small team focus on a new Blinx game that’s on the same level as Super Mario Odyssey. 

Crimson Skies 

This feels like the franchise that’s most likely to return with Phil Spencer mentioning it on more than one occasion. That being said he’s also made mention of being a big Banjo-Kazooie fan too so it’s hard to say for sure. 

Still, Crimson Skies is an iconic title and it received a lot of attention when the original game was added to Xbox One’s backward compatibility program. Flight combat games have only grown in popularity as technology has improved and Nintendo seems weirdly opposed to making another good Star Fox game.

It’s time for Xbox to do a barrel roll into the past and bring back Crimson Skies for another bright, new day of flying. 

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