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2020 Pokemon Holiday Gift Guide

by Jesse Vitelli

So you’re looking to get a gift for that Pokemon fan in your life. Look no further because we have curated an excellent collection of gifts to get that special someone, whether it be a friend, family member, or significant other. Heck, even if you want to buy yourself something, it’s been a rough year. Treat yourself. 

2020 Pokemon Holiday Gift Guide 

Pokemon Plush

Price: $19.99-$49.99

Okay, so we’re putting all of the plush in one category because there are just too many of them. You can pretty much get any Pokemon you want in a soft cuddly form at this point. We’ve linked to the store’s central plush part, but that doesn’t mean we can’t highlight some truly excellent ones. 

The giant 26-inch Wailord is both absurd and incredible. 

The Winter Carnival Grookey is cute and has ear muffs. 

The Corviknight Flying Taxi plush is also a strong contender. 

Pokemon Trading Cards

Price: $12.99

Booster Packs

Pokemon cards have been around forever, but they still remain incredibly popular, especially for gifts. Even if the Pokemon fan in your life doesn’t play the game, there is an inherent satisfaction in opening up a pack of cards and seeing the cards’ wonderful artwork.

Some of the cards are even worth money! We’ve listed the newest set of cards in the link, which is a ready to play deck. We’ve also listed out some booster packs in case you just want to purchase packs. 

Delibird Delivery Sign

Price: $19.99

Did someone just move into a new apartment or house? Do you know someone who needs to spice up their home office? Well, this cute Delibird Delivery sign is a cute way to do so! 

Scorbunny Sobble Grookey First Partner Mug

Sobble Mug

Grookey Mug

Price: $14.99

The holidays are a great time to enjoy a nice warm beverage. What better way to do that than with a mug featuring one of the starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. This cute Scorbunny, Sobble, or Grookey mug will be a go-to beverage holder for that Pokemon fan. 

Kanto First Partner Onesie



Price: $49.99

Everyone deserves a good pair of pajamas, especially for the holidays. This onesie comes in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth sizes. We’ve included links for all three. Stay cozy this holiday season with your favorite Pokemon from the original games. 

Pokemon Pin Trader Backpack

Price: $69.99

This Backpack is nice a sleek, featuring a big front pouch the fit any pins or patches you’d like to display on the bag. Even if you don’t have anything to display it’s still a very nice modern backpack

Pokemon Gallery Figures

Price: $14.99

There are a TON of Pokemon figures, but the Gallery series are easily some of the coolest and most affordable ones out there. They feature a ton of different Pokemon in cool action poses and make a great addition to a desk or nightstand. 

Pikachu Festive Winter Scarf

Price: $19.99

It’s going to get cold soon so what better way to stay warm than with a beautiful Pikachu-themed Scarf! It’s subtle and festive and an all-around great gift for a Pokemon fan. 

Pokemon Classics Charizard Black Cuff Links

Price: $34.99

Need a slightly fancier Pokemon gift? How about some Charizard cuff links for the special occasions in life?

Pokemon Pins

Price: $7.99

Pins are a great way to give the Pokemon fan you know a fun gift. They work as stocking stuffers or gifts on their own. There are so many to choose from sometimes, it’s hard even to pick a favorite! Check them all out and pick up a handful for someone you know.  

If you still need help finding the perfect gift let us know! You can always reach us on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages.

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