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The 10 Best Teams in Madden NFL 15

by Prima Games Staff

Now that Madden NFL 15 is officially available, football fans everywhere are tackling the virtual gridiron with authority, making beautiful passing and running plays while figuring out the right defensive schemes to shut down the opposition.

Of course, players have favorite teams, instead of experimenting with new squads. Still, if it’s a championship you’re after, you can’t go wrong with these 10 powerhouse teams, who will no doubt make a run for the Super Bowl trophy.

Seattle Seahawks

Considering they managed to easily handle the Denver Broncos in last year’s Super Bowl match-up, the Seahawks should have no trouble storming the field with authority for the 2014-2015 season. Led by quarterback Russell Wilson and the power of a strong defense, the Seahawks could repeat – even with other teams breathing down their necks. Let’s not forget their “12th man” home crowd, either. Talk about loud.

Denver Broncos

Even though they got destroyed in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Denver Broncos aren’t the kind of team to surrender. Peyton Manning will return more determined than ever to lead his squad to victory, and with a number of offensive and defensive players ready to do their jobs, you can bet the Broncos will once again have a memorable season.

Baltimore Ravens

Despite coming up short in the previous season, the Ravens are ready to get back into the title hunt with a strong line-up, including Steve Smith and Dennis Pitta. Throw in a reconfigured defense that would put even the mightiest quarterback through his paces, and you have a squad that could dominate the field well into the post-season.

Indianapolis Colts

Last year, the Colts proved they’re more than a lucky team – even with a guy like Andrew Luck filling the quarterback position. They’ll continue to prove their case going into this season, with the return of Reggie Wayne and plenty of offensive strength to guide them into the end zone. It’ll be fun to see how they compare with Peyton’s Broncos.

New England Patriots

Look, Gronkowski is coming back into the line-up, and he’s always a factor. Throw in the addition of Darrell Revis in the defensive line-up and the still sharp arm of Tom Brady, and you have a team that could make a difference come January. This time, they might even put the Broncos through their paces. Might.

Chicago Bears

Daaaaaa Bears! Even though Chicago’s squad went through a number of shake-ups over the past few months, its defense is stronger than ever, and the offensive line should have no trouble penetrating the end zone for points. Expect the Bears to return to the post-season, and who knows, we might have another Superbowl shuffle, even though it’s not the same without The Fridge.

Green Bay Packers

Don’t count Green Bay out, not by a long shot. Aaron Rodgers and his team managed to impress last year, and the 2014-2015 season should be one to watch in Wisconsin. The defense showed improvement in the off-season, and Rodgers has no shortage of targets to hurl the ball to. These cheese heads won’t smell like limburger come season’s end.

San Francisco 49ers

Powered by a new home stadium (though we’ll miss Candlestick Park) and the determination of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers will definitely leave their mark. Even with some missing linesmen (namely Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman), the team still knows how to put points on the board and make a defensive stand. Never count out San Francisco.

New Orleans Saints

Who dat? Why, it’s the New Orleans Saints, and despite their glorious Super Bowl year behind them, they’re still due to make a difference for the forthcoming season. The addition of rookie Brandin Cooks should shake up the offense, and the defense is as strong as ever with a couple of new additions and moves. Expect New Orleans to make a racket.

Arizona Cardinals

Finally, we can’t overlook the Cardinals, who just barely missed the playoffs last year, despite an impressive season. Carson Palmer and the squad will return stronger than ever, and the defensive line should be able to hold up, even under the smoldering Phoenix sun. They’ll definitely live up to the name “hot streak” once the season winds down.

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