The 10 Best Pokemon Introduced In Diamond & Pearl

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With the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl today, we thought we would add our top ten Diamond and Pearl Pokemon to the Prima canon. So without further ado, let’s list the best ten Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl. 

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The 10 Best Pokemon Introduced In Diamond & Pearl

10. Tangrowth

I’m going to be real with everyone right now. This is the only original 151 evolution that is on this list. Electivire and Magmortar are both terrible designs for already pretty lame Pokemon. Tangrowth is somehow both charming and completely unhinged, landing it the ten spot on this list. 

9. Mamoswine

Another evolution for a Pokemon, but this time it’s for a Gold/Silver mon. Mamoswine is clearly the ultimate way to cap off the Swinub and Piloswine line. Mamoswine was introduced into the MOBA game Pokemon Unite just a couple of months ago. Finally, we have a worthy Mammoth Pokemon and we thank Diamond and Pearl for giving it to us. 

8. Shaymin

Look, I don’t like legendary or mythical Pokemon. I find their designs mostly uninspired or overly complex. However, Shaymin is one of the cutest Pokemon in existence. We will protect this Pokemon at all costs no matter what. 

7. Croagunk

The reason Croagunk made it over its evolution Toxicroak is that Croagunk is someone you would want to hang out with. It seems chill and that it would love to just vibe out and have a good time at a quiet bar or restaurant. It could also win any barfight you could potentially get into, so it’s a win/win. 


6. Drifloon

Driffloon is a cursed Pokemon. We’ve all seen the Pokedex entry, but we’re going to leave it here for those who need to be reminded.

“It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.”


5. Pachirisu 

Every generation we get another electric mouse to try and rival Pikachu. WHile Pachirisu doesn’t hold a candle to the OG, it’s the closest we’ve come to something just as damn adorable and for that, we must commend it. 

4. Staraptor

The bird Pokemon in each generation is pretty hit or miss, but Staraptor is one of my favorites. Its red beak donned atop its head is iconic and truly one of the coolest looking bird Pokemon there is. 

3. Piplup

Sure, y’all have your own favorite starters, but this is my list, and Piplup is clearly the best option. It’s a cute little Penguin that evolves into a sick Penguin with a trident on its face, tell me how Chimchar and Turtwig even compare to that? 

2. Lucario

It’s hard to debate the iconic nature of Lucario and how much of a staple it has become for the Pokemon brand. It’s in Pokemon Unite, Smash Bros, and is used in tons of marketing materials. We give Lucario its due where we can, and Diamond and Pearl is where its origins are rooted. 

1. Garchomp

Garchomp is easily the coolest design in the Diamond and Pearl era. It’s a design that is rewards players for raising a lowly and quite boring-looking Gible. Cynthia’s Garhomp to this day still messes me up and owning one of my own is such a rewarding experience. 

If you want to yell at us about these rankings feel free to check out the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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