The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt from CD Projekt RED was an incredible RPG adventure that gave gamers memories that will last for a lifetime. Not only that, it also gave us characters that were so incredibly unique that the lasting power of their impact was unmistakable, which is why the latest collectible to be revealed is beyond excited for witcher hopefuls. 

The Ciri and the Kitsune figure has just made its way onto the official CD Projekt RED store for $275 to pre-order. The product listing reads, "The Lady of Space and Time is not bound to any single realm or era — and there are entire worlds of contracts open to one so deadly and determined. This 12-inch, hand-painted figure depicts Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, heir to the Elder Blood, as an accomplished monster slayer during a turbulent time in Japanese history."

We saw her as a young Witcher hopeful at the beginning of the third title, and then witnessed her become a powerful hunter all on her own through the rest of the adventure. Now we get to see her in a new light, one that - as a collector myself - has me salivating. 

Regarding the hand-painted collectible, CD Projekt RED added "Ciri’s innate talent, and the skills acquired during her witcher training at Kaer Morhen, make her a warrior of immense power. One with no equal. Accompanied on a contract by a wise Kitsune spirit, Ciri emerges victorious from the devastated ruins of a sacred Shinto shrine — the scene of a fierce and destructive battle with a dangerous yōkai."

You can scoop one up for yourself right here! While you're at it, check out this other hilarious collectible featuring Bathtub Geralt!