Shirley Curry is an 82-year old gamer that has become a beloved part of the gaming community ever since her YouTube channel made its big debut back in 2015 and since then she has been dubbed our beloved grandma in all things RPG. With countless hours of walkthroughs footage of her streaming, she's an intricate in the Elder Scrolls franchise, unofficially - so much so that fans rallied to have her as an NPC in the upcoming sixth entry. While we don't have word on that, we do know that she's going to be in Skyrim - at least through an unofficial Skyrim mod coming later this year. 

Everybody's favorite grandma took to Twitter to share the mod in the making with clear excitement, and honestly? We're amped: 

Mod developer 'Phantom_Scribbler' shared a small glimpse at the Shirley Follower Mod, including a sneak peek at what she will bring to Tamriel. From her own dialogue to new quests and interactions, everything will be 100% Shirley, including her voice, and will forever immortalize her in a game that meant so much to her and her community. 

Interested in learning more about Grandma Shirley? Check out our previous coverage here deep-diving into a documentary made about her and her incredible impact. You can also see the mod's teaser trailer below: