ASMR is a feeling that invokes a tingling sensation from the scalp down through the neck and into the rest of a person's body for a controlled stimulus effect triggered by certain sounds. It's been huge lately, especially in the YouTube community, and for good reason. While skeptical at first, a friend recommended particular ASMR sounds for migraines and it's been a total lifesaver, which has caused me to venture out into the web for more effects. That's when I came across a thumbnail of a woman eating a Nintendo Switch and since I'm still coming down from SDCC, I naturally had to check it out and then apparently write about it. 


The YouTuber goes by HunniBee ASMR and while she's not what I usually look for in ASMR (I prefer no-talking for total immersion), the pink hair and gaming peripheral thumbnail grabbed me. Looking through her channel, this is pretty much her claim to fame: combining Mukbang (mass eating videos) with ASMR while recreating household items out of food products. From Airpods, to hair brushes, to even the Switch and games seen above, she pretty much will do anything and everything to satiate her community's ASMR cravings while also apparently her own sweet tooth cravings as well.

And yes, I realise that writing about this might be weird for some, but hey - it gives me an excuse to listen to the whole thing without judging myself too harshly. It's "for work," I just gotta. 

You can watch her take on an undocked Switch with Fortnite on it as well as the Joy-Cons themselves and a copy of Sonic and Mario Party in the video above. You can also yell at me about it over on Twitter later @DirtyEffinHippy