Critters around the world were excited to hear about Critical Role's new show, Critter Hug, and now the first episode is live for all to see! Critter Hug is an additional entertainment medium from the Critical Role cast where they aim to help put a bigger focus on indie games, artists, creative shops, and so much more. 

Led by Mica Burton and Matthew Mercer, episode one of Critter Hug made its grand debut - filmed before COVID-19 quarantines were put in place - and focused heavily on an adorable indie RPG called Laser Kittens while also helping to spread the word on a new Dungeons & Dragons show: Queens of Adventure. They also chatted about else is going on in "geek culture" while providing yet another fun atmosphere for Critters to hang with their favorite entertainers while also doing a little good in the industry. 

The show was actually meant to start a little earlier than May 4th but the rapid outspread of COVID-19 caused a few delays for the team. The pre-recorded broadcast will air every first Monday every month starting with episode one. According to the team's official description of Critter Hugs:

"Hosted by Mica Burton and Matthew Mercer, Critter Hug is a show celebrating just a few of the hardworking folks that bring joy to the tabletop industry. It'll highlight local game shops across the country, new games, people of note in the industry and more. You might find your new favorite RPG, another cool friendly local game store, or meet brand new creatives that are putting a fresh spin on minis, maps, and gaming gear."

Critter Hug is meant to be a fun and light-hearted show done in a very different way than we are used to seeing from this team, but it's going to act as a phenomenal spotlight for creatives in the gaming industry that aren't necessarily AAA budget. It's a great way to further engage the community while providing an outlet for indies to thrive and we're excited to see more from Mica and Matthew!

With the first episode of Critter Hug now available on the official Critical Role YouTube channel, the next episode sharing tabletop goodness will air on June 1st. Are you excited to see what Critter Hug has in store for Critical Role fans? How long have you been a Critter yourself? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, Critters unite!