OK. Full transparency. I'm a full-on Mass Effect trilogy fangirl so I'm going to be very clear that this article is purely speculation echoed by a lot of fan theories following a recent Tweet from BioWare that seemingly teases a remaster. With over 31 playthroughs of the first 3 games, all of the replicas, props, collectibles, books, and comics - I got my mind on my Mass Effect and my Mass Effect on my mind. So when I saw a recent #MassRelays tweet from the studio, my gearwheels started turning. 

BioWare recently tweeted the intro to the first Mass Effect, the sliding scroll of text that first introduced us to a world filled with Garrus ... er, I mean alien life and beautiful planets to explore. It was a random social post and had many curious but the hashtag specifically drew a lot of speculation. 

With the hashtag #MassRelays, it looks like the video would have some form of tie-in audio track. But it didn't. It was just a random hashtag and not one that was trending already, so for those of us with our tinfoil hats on tight, it appears to be a signal boost. Pre-emptive hype, perhaps? 

To make a remaster of the trilogy would not even remotely be a far-fetched idea. Literally millions of gamers have been clamoring for this sort of remaster (which keep in mind, usually remasters are handled by a third party anyway, so it wouldn't necessarily impact any games - Dragon Age 4 - currently in development) for a long time now with massive interest spikes during N7 day: November 7th. 

With so many interested and EA needing to do a little BioWare damage-control with their image after some Not So Good publishing moves regarding the studio's previous two titles, Andromeda and Anthem, this could be the perfect way to appease fans. Even moreso since we've had numerous confirmations from both BioWare and EA that there will be more Mass Effect in the future. 

What do you think? Are we right on the money or do I need to find my chill regarding this Mass Effect trilogy remaster theory? Hit us up and tell us more over on Twitter @PrimaGames