Fortnite is known for amazing crossovers and events that nobody could have predicted. When the Fortnite Travis Scott event was first leaked, many aired their disappointments that it was going to be just another in-game concert, which is a statement in itself, but didn't really see how Epic could make it pop. Boy, we should have known better because the Travis Scott Astronomical concert was truly immersive, whether you are a fan of his or not. 

Personally, I'm not really into Travis Scott's music, though to be honest it's just not my style but that doesn't mean I'd ever speak ill of an artist. That being said, once I began to see GIFs of the concert, I knew I had to dive right in and see if for myself. It was then that I had a thought that I never believed I would think: this Travis Scott concert is a downright spiritual experience. 

Best Reactions to Fortnite Travis Scott Concert

From the details of the character model itself to the movement, players go through when literally getting launched into outer space, there were moments in the Fortnite Travis Scott event that felt more like a TOOL concert than a rap one and it was there that Epic Games continued to prove to fans not to underestimate their vision. Say what you want about Fortnite, the way this company has handled this property is nothing short of iconic

The internet was aflame when the concert first began with more and more people joining in to see what the commotion was about regarding the Fortnite event. More than 12.3 million concurrent players tuned into the latest in-game spectacle, marking it as truly the biggest event yet for the free-to-play battle royale game. 

Games are evolving, they are changing. What they mean, how we perceive them, how developers create them. Valve proved that with the whopping success Half-Life Alyx saw and Fortnite continues to prove that with how they are not afraid to push past any genre confines. There's nothing Fortnite can't do in terms of creative material and that's a freedom that is becoming more and more apparent in the gaming-space. 

Whether you love Travis Scott or not really is irrevavant. The Fortnite Travis Scott event was a true pinnacle of the online game's potential and shows that even with the datamines and the leaks, we can never fully grasp the level of care developers have with events like this until we see them for ourselves the way they were meant to be be seen. 

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