Thief 2014 Walkthrough – How to Find All Collectibles and Defeat Bosses

Find the combination to the Jeweler's Safe, kill the Freaks and more!

It’s been 10 years since the last installment in the Thief franchise. For those who played it, the series reboot has been a long time coming. If you’re new to the series, prepare to dive into one of the deepest single-player games in recent memory.

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Thief has many collectible items mixed between the game’s chapters and missions. Aside from collectible items, the game features common loot. This can found in any nook or cranny in the game, making up your primary source of income. We’ll guide you through the objectives so you can properly plunder each area for all its hidden treasure.

Go in-depth with Prima’s official Thief guide and digital guide.

Chapter Index

Thief Prologue: The Drop – How to Keep Up with Erin

This introductory mission introduces players to the many skills that Garret utilizes as a master thief, such as swooping, picking pockets and cracking safes. There are still a Collectible Loot Item to be found. Check our walkthrough to grab them all.

Thief Chapter 1: Lockdown – How to Find the Combination to the Jeweler’s Safe

The game’s first chapter introduces Thief fans to the types of play styles available, focusing on alternate routes and combat options. There are four Collectible Loot Items, the combination to the jeweler’s safe and the Two Faced achievement or trophy.

Thief Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – How to Open the General’s Strongbox

You can make life in this chapter much easier by purchasing the Wrench Tool from the Shady Merchant. This chapter features five Collectible Loot Items, with three of them very difficult to find. There’s also a tricky combination safe and the Thief-Taker General’s strongbox to deal with. 

Thief Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets – How to Remove the Ritual Book

This chapter features a handful of secret rooms and passages, puzzles and a major shortcut. If you hope to take advantage of the shortcut and find all Collectible Loot Items, you must purchase the Wire Cutter Tool from the Shady Merchant before beginning. In the second half of the chapter, players will be faced with several challenging puzzles.

Thief Chapter 4: A Friend in Need – The Combination to the Great Safe

This chapter is filled with a total of six Collectible Loot Items. In order to obtain them all, you will need Rope Arrows and the Wrench Tool. There are several major shortcuts for players attempting to complete the Remain Undetected Thieving Challenge. The chapter also includes a difficult puzzle and the Great Safe, perhaps the most difficult safe to crack in the game.

Thief Chapter 5: The Forsaken – How to Kill the Freaks

Similar to Thief chapter 4, chapter 5 asks players to find six Collectible Loot Items. Players will encounter Freaks for the first time, one of the game’s toughest adversaries. Learn how to kill or sneak by these creepy foes, including what arrow types and upgrades to buy from the Shady Merchant.

Thief Chapter 6: A Man Apart – How to Steal the Primal Stone Fragment

Players may struggle to achieve the Remain Undetected Thieving Challenge. There are six more Collectible Loot Items to grab, requiring players to crack safes and solve puzzles. Gamers who wish to make off with all the loot will want to bring the Wire Cutter Tool and Razor Tool.

Thief Chapter 7 : The Hidden City – How to Beat the Boss Fight: Thief-Taker General

This chapter doesn’t have as many valuables, featuring only four Collectible Loot Items. It does contain many threats, including 26 guards and four Freaks. Chapter 7 also sees Garret face off with the Thief-Taker General in the game’s first Boss Battle. Be sure to see how you can defeat him with minimal risk.

Thief Chapter 8: The Dawn’s Light – How to Beat Final Boss: Primal Erin

The game’s epic conclusion, featuring a tough Final Boss fight with Primal Erin. Before you take her on, players must first deal with another 22 Graven and 8 tough Freaks. Learn how to sneak past them and complete the game’s final objective, Steal the Primal Energy from Erin.

Thief: How to Unlock All Safes

Read this feature to learn all of the safe combinations in Thief!

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