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Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough and Guide – Earn Renown, Operators, Weapons

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to Prima’s Guide for Rainbow Six Siege, the newest chapter in Ubisoft’s long-standing franchise. Over the next week we will break down every aspect of this video game, including the different Operators and strategies for both Attackers and Defenders. We will teach you how to best work as a team, fortify your defenses or blow everything apart in order to reach the objective. 

Rainbow Six Siege released on December 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It features five-versus-five multiplayer matches where one side plays the Attackers and the other assumes the role of the Defenders. Each map features destructive elements both sides will take advantage of, while the unique Operators come with signature abilities. Experience the game as one of five counter-terrorism units: American SWAT, British SAS, the French GIGN, German GSG9 and Russian SPETSNAZ.


Rainbow Six Siege – Tips for Playing as an Attacker

Deploy your drone, create new lines of sight and team up to kill those pesky Defenders. 

Rainbow Six Siege – Tips for Playing as a Defender

Use Barricades, destroy drones and prevent Attackers from reaching the objective. 

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Earn More Renown

Set goals, complete objectives and buy the Season Pass to put more Renown in your pocket.

Rainbow Six Siege – Bomb Mode, Preparation and Action Phase Tips and Tricks

Learn some key tactics to win on both offense and defense in Bomb mode!

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Win in Secure Area Mode

We offer tips and advice to score a win in Secure Area mode on offense and defense!

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Win in Hostage Mode

We provide some unorthodox tips to help you gain the advantage in Hostage mode.

Rainbow Six Siege – Best Operators, Rook, Doc, Fuze, Thermite

Take a look at some of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege – Terrorist Hunt, Communicate, Know Your Operators

We provide a few key tips to maximize your time in TerroHunt!


Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play as FBI SWAT

We break down all four members of the FBI, complete with their unique gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play as the SAS

Disable electronics with the EMP and use Compound Z8 to protect the objective.

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play as the Spetsnaz

We breakdown the five operators from the Russian Spetsnaz special forces unit!

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play as the GIGN

Get some inside tactics for the operators from the French special operations unit!

Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play as the GSG 9

We go over some of the more impressive attributes of the German counter-terrorism unit! 

Tips for Playing Rainbow Six Siege

  • Attackers should always deploy their drones at the start of a round. Drones reveal the enemy location, which significantly cuts down on the time spent searching. Considering each round lasts three minutes, every second is critical. 
  • Conversely, Defenders should blow up Drones whenever possible. You create noise, but it beats giving away your team’s location. 
  • Defenders should avoid crowding around the objective. Leave one or two people behind while the rest strengthen the defenses to slow down the Attackers. Sticking together is a good way to get killed by a single grenade. 
  • Switch on your microphone, and only play with people who use headsets. Communication is vital, and teams who play the game silently wind up dead. 
  • Shoot holes through drywall and wood, then look through these holes to spot enemies without being seen.
  • If you’re a Defender, put up Reinforcements and Barricades to keep Attackers out. 
  • Go prone! It’s a great way to catch enemies by surprise because they normally expect to engage other players at their eye level. 

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