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Monster Hunter: World Guide

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter: World is finally here, and players have a ton of things to do as they hunt, scavenge, and collect their way through the New World. Whether you’re new to the series, or a season veteran, we’ve got a ton of content to help you out along the way. This article will serve as a hub for all of our Monster Hunter: World content, including things like tips, boss walkthroughs, and more. Be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date information available.

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Monster Hunter: World Tips

  • Track your prey and wait for the opportune moment to strike. Look out for other predatory enemies and try to plan to fight bigger monsters in areas with access to ledges and other environmental pieces that can help you out.
  • Make sure your weapon is sharp and ready for battle anytime you get ready to run in headfirst. Heading into battle without a fully sharpened weapon means you’ll need to break sooner to use your Whetstone, which can give your enemy time to reflect and recuperate its strength.
  • Trail after a monster when it begins to flee. It’s normally headed back to its lair, where it hopes to sleep off its tiredness in peace. This can be a good time to ambush the monster, as you can often get in some good hits while it is waking up. Just remember that many monsters have smaller predators that protect it while it’s sleeping, and you may need to retreat if you become overrun.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall back. Fainting shouldn’t be an option when you’re fighting monsters in the wild, and you shouldn’t be afraid to fall back and recuperate a little. Look around for healing items, or just hide out while the monster searches for you. Make use of bushes and other items to keep concealed until you’re ready to strike again.
  • Use your sling to lead monsters away from larger groups. This reduces the chance of you being overrun and creates a more one-on-one fighting style that will prove better for you in the long run.

Monster Hunter: World Guides

Understanding the HUD
Learn what everything on the HUD means and how to digest the information.

How to Play with Friends
Gear up and head into battle with your friends in Monster Hunter: World’s co-op mode.

How to Fast Travel and Activate Boosts
Learn how to activate boosts and fast travel easily in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Fish
Learn how to toss your rod and reel into the water and catch fish.

How to Mount Monsters
Find out how to use the environment to get on top of monster’s backs and deal loads of damage, and even stun them!

All Weapon Types
Take a look at all the different weapon types in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Fix Screen Flickering on the Xbox One
Use this workaround to fix screen flickering in Monster Hunter: World on the Xbox One.

How to Find Earth Crystal
Find out how to quickly get your hands on this rare resource in Monster Hunter: World.

Hammer Guide
Learn how to use the Hammer in Monster Hunter: World.

Where to Find Coral Crystal
Get your hands on this rare material and upgrade your weapons and gear.

How to Find Monster Weaknesses
Learn how to find the weaknesses of the monsters you face with this handy guide.

How to Get Anjanath Gem
Learn how to get Anjanath Gems and craft Aloy’s armor in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Get Vespoid Innerwing
Get your hands on this High Rank material with our handy guide.

What is a Tailrider Voucher?
Learn more about Tailrider Vouchers and what they do.

How to Change Armor Color
Find out how to dye your armor different colors.

Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest Guide
Find out how to steal the Wyvern Egg in the quest Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest.

How to Unlock High Rank Quests
Discover all you need to know about High Rank quests in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Use the Melding Pot
Learn the ins and outs of the Melding Pot in Monster Hunter: World

How to Find Vespoid
Learn how to find these pesky little creatures in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Stop Bleeding
Find out how you can stop the bleeding effect in Monster Hunter: World.

Research Points Explained
Everything you need to know about Research Points and what they do.

How to Get Ivy
Find out how to get Ivy in Monster Hunter: World.

All Palico Gadgets
Here’s what you need to know about Palico Gadgets.

What are Lucky Vouchers?
Find out what you can do with Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Capture Monsters
Find out how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter: World, giving you more money and experience.

How to find Warped Bone
Learn more about Warped Bone and how to find it.

What is Affinity?
Find out everything you need to know about Affinity and what it is.

Monster Hunter: World Video Guides

Mounting Monsters 101

Use this video tutorial to find out how to easily mount monsters.

Monster Hunter: World offers a lot of different things for players to do, and we’ll continue to update this guide each day with new articles, guides, and more.

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