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Lords of the Fallen Walkthrough and Guide – Tips to Survive, Beat Every Boss

by Bryan Dawson

Lords of the Fallen will seem very familiar to gamers who played Dark Souls. The biggest difference is the difficulty. Lords of the Fallen is essentially what you would get if you took Dark Souls and made the difficulty more in line with other (essentially easier) games. Anyone who played a decent amount of Dark Souls should feel comfortable jumping right into Lords of the Fallen, but you may need some help to uncover side quests and defeat bosses.

One of the big aspects of Lords of the Fallen is the addition of numerous side quests. There are many instances in the game where you quickly move through an area and then battle against the boss. However, if you speak to a few NPCs, you can help them with their side quests. This will sidetrack you from the main story, but you’ll reap considerable rewards for assisting these non-player characters.

Before we jump into the walkthrough, let’s cover some basic tips that will help you on your journey.

  • There are numerous checkpoints that replenish your HP and health potions. The shards floating around the checkpoints indicate how many potions you can replenish. Over time, the shards reappear, but there’s still a limit to how often you can refill your potions.
  • At checkpoints, you can take the XP you’ve gained from defeating enemies and “bank” it to level up your character. Any experience that is not banked will be temporarily lost when you die.
  • Upon dying, a “ghost” appears in the place where you died and a counter appears in the corner. The counter indicates how much XP you can recover if you can make contact with your ghost. The longer it takes you to reach the ghost, the more XP you’ll lose.
  • You get an XP bonus for each enemy you kill. The longer you can go without banking XP, the bigger the bonus gets. When you bank your XP at a checkpoint or die, the bonus resets. The bonus will not go any higher than double (2X) the XP you would normally get from killing an enemy.
  • Enemies do not respawn unless you change areas (with a load screen) or die.
  • While chests generally hold the same loot no matter which class you choose to play as, if you are already wearing the armor that is supposed to drop from the chest, that drop may now contain different armor. This mainly pertains to the starting armor and weapons of the various classes.
  • You receive hidden bonus loot for defeating bosses in a specific manner (don’t lose health, don’t use your shield, etc.).

Boss Battle Guide – Defeat Annihilator, Infiltrator, Champion, Guardian, Worshiper
If you’re having trouble with any of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen, we’ve got all the tips you need right here!

Part One – Find the Key, Beat the First Warden
Find the Shard of the Heroes and defeat the First Warden in the starting area.

Part Two – Find Yetka’s Dagger, the Key to the Catacombs, and defeat the Commander
Find out the location of Yetka’s Dagger, use the Shard of the Heroes to find a secret weapon, and defeat the Commander!

Part Three – Find the Buckler Shield and Defeat the Worshiper Boss
Discover the first Buckler shield and learn the best tactics to get through the one-hit kill of the Worshiper boss battle!

Part Four – Destroy the Lords’ Gate to Keystone and Defeat the Infiltrator Boss
Collect the Ancient Plates for Yetka as you make your way toward the Infiltrator boss battle.

Part Five – Make Your Way Through the Catacombs and Beat the Champion
Your search for Antanas and Kaslo takes you through the maze-like Catacombs.

Part Six – Find Antanas and Kaslo in the Citadel, Beat the Beast
Climb to the top of the Citadel then take out the poison Beast that waits outside!

Part Seven – Find the Chamber of Lies, Beat the Guardian
Help Yetka with her side quest and get the bonus item from the Guardian boss!

Part Eight – Discover the Secrets in the Chamber of Lies, Find the Annihilator
Complete Yetka’s side quest in the Chamber of Lies, then move on to beat the Annihilator boss battle!

Part Nine – Obtain the Rune of Adyr, Beat the Lost Brothers and the Judge
Defeat the last two bosses and find the Effect armor set as you make your way through the Citadel one last time.

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