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Destiny: The Dark Below Walkthrough and Guide

by Prima Games Staff

When most games release DLC the content is usually rather straightforward. They give you a few new maps, a couple of guns that show everyone you bought the season pass, and a week later it’s the same game it’s always been. Although there is nothing wrong with that, we’re becoming huge fans of how the team at Bungie has handled the debut expansion for Destiny.

With The Dark Below, players are treated to several different activities, each of which can be daunting on its own. Add it all up and you’re looking at a solid 10 plus hours of content before you even step into the three new Crucible maps. Whether it’s unlocking The Will of Crota strike, or completing the Urn of Sacrifice quest from Eris, Guardians are sure to be tied up all the way into next year.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to check in with Xander 99-40 as well as Eris Morn at the Tower. Both of them will provide you with bounties, and depending on who gives them, you can either work to up your rank for Crota’s Bane, or Vanguard. Doing so will allow you to purchase new gear.
  • We managed to complete most of the activities in The Dark Below between the levels of 25 and 27, and typically with only a two-person fireteam. This includes The Will of Crota and The Undying Mind strikes, but not the Crota’s End raid.
  • Try to complete the bounties and quests in the order that we have them covered in this guide. Doing so will help you to unlock the Murmur, a legendary fusion rifle that is capable of dealing out both Arc and Solar damage. Both of these elements will be useful at later parts of the DLC.
  • If you need to upgrade your Gauntlets, complete the Urn of Sacrifice quest given by Eris. Depending on whether you are a Hunter, Warlock or Titan, completing the tasks will reward you legendary gear in the form of the Acolyte Rung, Thrallskin Brace or Knightbone Guard.
  • After completing an activity, be sure to visit the Postmaster and Cryptarch first, leaving the bounty tracker until last. By doing so, any gear that you are awarded can be equipped, then leveled up when you turn your completed bounties in to Xander.

Destiny: The Dark Below – Rise of Crota, Unlock The Will of Crota Strike

The first thing that Guardians should be doing when they load up The Dark Below is visiting Eris Morn at the Tower. A former Guardian herself, this NPC will give you several quests and bounties, starting with The Fist of Crota, Siege of the Warmind and The Wakening. When those are done, players will have to transition to the bounties required, such as the Heart of Crota, Hand of Crota and Eye of Crota.

Destiny: The Dark Below – Rise of Crota Walkthrough, Murmur Fusion Rifle

Our first piece of content described the steps that were required to unlock The Will of Crota strike, but this time out we’ll cover a complete walkthrough for The Fist of Crota, Siege of the Warmind and The Wakening. Completing these three quests will unlock the Murmur, a legendary fusion rifle that can switch between Arc and Solar damage. We even have video!

Destiny: The Dark Below – The Will of Crota Strike Walkthrough, Omnigul

The Will of Crota is a strike that all owners of The Dark Below will have access to. It’s level 24 and features an end boss fight against Omnigul. This article will walk you through how to defeat this formidable foe, including how you can use your Murmur fusion rifle to get the job done. Once again, if words aren’t your thing, we have a handy video to show you how it’s done.

Destiny: The Dark Below – Urn of Sacrifice Quest, How to Kill Urzok, Xur

The Urn of Sacrifice quest will definitely be one of the more time consuming activities you take part in with The Dark Below, but it’s also one of the more rewarding. It will take most players between one and two hours to complete, but the reward — which changes depending on your class — will be a set of legendary Gauntlets that will help most players raise their light level.

Destiny: The Dark Below – How to Unlock the 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun

Owners of the PS3 and PS4 will be happy with this aspect of The Dark Below DLC. Xbox 360 and Xbox One users… not so much. The 4th Horsemen, a four barreled exotic shotgun, can be unlocked through the finding and decrypting of exotic Engrams, as well as from opening up chests. In fact, the only one we have heard about so far was found in a chest during the Crota’s End raid.

Destiny: The Dark Below – Tips for Completing The Undying Mind Strike

The second strike of the DLC is once again a PlayStation exclusive, and is unlocked as soon as you load up The Dark Below for the first time. It’s only a level 20 strike, so players on the Microsoft Xbox platforms aren’t missing out on much. It’s easily completed with an average fireteam that sit somewhere between the levels of 24 and 27. Check out the video of how we pulled it off.

Destiny: The Dark Below – Light Level Guide, Ascendant Shards, Exotic Gear

With all of the work we’ve been doing on The Dark Below DLC, the grind for legendary and exotic gear has become something that invades our dreams, and we aren’t kidding. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to study up on how we can improve this processs, then pass that intel along to you. We’ll be updating this as new information comes out.

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