Roblox Balloon Simulator Codes (August 2023)

Get ready to fly high with this fun Roblox simulator experience.

Sometimes, nothing beats the simple things in life like a Balloon. While you don’t get to play as one in Balloon Simulator, you’ll get to utilize them to soar high into the sky on a variety of different objects, almost like Carl in the movie UP. Find an object, stand on it, and start going to the sky to amass big riches and plenty of wins. Thankfully, there are a fair number of codes available that players can redeem to get some extra items, so their fun levels don’t pop. Here are all available codes for Balloon Simulator for August 2023.

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All Currently Available Balloon Simulator Codes

Below, you’ll find a list of all the currently available Balloon Simulator codes alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Balloon Simulator Codes (Working)

  • heaven – Free Angel Pet
  • balloongreen – Free Pet, must be in the Roblox Group

All Balloon Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • dino
  • gumball
  • mellow
  • turtle
  • robo
  • luck
  • icedominus
  • toy
  • gavin
  • scotty
  • syzoft
  • goald
  • westdrum
  • gemlife

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How Do I Redeem A Code in Balloon Simulator?

Screenshot by Prima Games

To redeem a code in Balloon Simulator, follow these steps;

  • Locate the floating Input Codes icon in the spawn area
  • Walk into it to open a new window
  • In the new window, click the Code Redemption Field
  • Enter any of the codes listed above
  • Click Submit to redeem your free items
  • Repeat this process until all items have been claimed
  • To exit the window, walk out of the area

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Balloon Simulator?

When it comes to redeeming codes in this experience, you’ll need to ensure that you are spelling them correctly. Capitalization does not matter in this particular experience, as codes were tested in all caps, lowercase, and with just the first letter capitalized. If you’re having issues redeeming any of these codes, be sure to copy and paste them directly from the page, as they have been tested to ensure they work.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Balloon Simulator?

If you’re hoping to get your hands on as many codes as possible for Balloon Simulator, be sure to bookmark our page and check back often. We’re always on the search for the newest codes for your favorite experiences, so be sure to check out our Roblox section below, as well. If you’re hoping to get your hands on codes for yourself, be sure to check these locations out:

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Can You Ride The Big Rubber Ducky In Balloon Simulator?

As you start to get bigger and better balloons, you’ll have the chance to send bigger objects toward the sky. For new players, the most noticeable thing that they’ll be able to send floating off toward the heavens is the giant Rubber Ducky that is waiting patiently in the middle of the map. While you may instantly want to send it away, you may be thinking, “Can I sit on it and ride it up to the sky?”, and the answer is a resounding yes.

If you’re hoping to find another silly simulator to jump into, be sure to check out Strongman Simulator. This is one of the best Simulator-style games I’ve jumped into and offers plenty of content for those hoping to become stronger than ever before. Be sure to jump into our Roblox section below to get your hands on even more codes, content, and experience recommendations.

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