Roblox Anime Fight Next Generation Codes (June 2023)

A great game based in the Naruto/Boruto world? Believe it!

Enough with the My Hero Academia and One Piece games; give me something based on the world of Naruto. That’s what Anime Fight Next Generation Simulator is hoping to bring, with its bright and colorful style, alongside the familiar cast of characters. Sure, this may be more rooted in the world of Boruto, but I still am happy enough to consider it a Naruto game. If you’re hoping to showcase your strength to the other players on the server, a variety of codes could come in handy in this particular world, and we’ve got you covered.

All Currently Available Anime Fight Next Generation Codes

Below, you’ll find a list of all of the currently available Anime Fight Next Generation codes, alongside some questions asked by players and community members.

All Anime Fight Next Generation Codes (Working)

  • TRAINING MAP – x600 Second Stat Boost
  • 10KLIKES – x600 Second Stat Boost
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – x600 Second Stat Boost
  • DAILYFIX – x600 Second Stat Boost
  • RELEASE – x600 Second Stat Boost

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How Do I Redeem A Code In Anime Fight Next Generation?

Screenshot: Prima Games

To redeem a code in Anime Fight Next Generation, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Code icon on the left side of the screen
  • In the new window, click where it says Code Here
  • Enter any of the codes listed above
  • Click the green Redeem button
  • Repeat for all codes on the list
  • Click the Red X in the corner to leave this window

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Anime Fight Next Generation?

If you’re running into issues redeeming your codes, you’re going to have to check your spelling and capitalization efforts. If you don’t have them spelled right, or don’t have the right capitalization in play, you’re going to run into issues. To reduce the possibility of error, make sure that you copy and paste the codes directly from our page to get all of your rewards with no hassle.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Anime Fight Next Generation?

Finding new codes can be a slog, so let us do the hard work for you. You’ll just want to bookmark this page and check back often to see if we’ve updated our article with any new codes. If you’re hoping to beat us at our own game, however, there are a few different places that you can check:

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How Do I Get More Powerful in Anime Fight Next Generation?

If you’re hoping to become the strongest player on the server, you’ve first got to know what you’re doing. With this being a Simulator, you’ll have to do a lot of clicking to ensure that you’re earning enough points. Picking what skill you’d like to level up is important, as you can dump Yen into that skill and make sure that you’re always growing stronger while partaking in the action. As you make your way around the map, you’ll find special events that can only be done if you have a certain power level in that skill, so make sure you’re always switching it up. They all add to your overall power, so you don’t have to favor one over the other.

What Is Anime Fight Next Generation on Roblox?

Anime Fight Next Generation is a combination simulator/multiplayer combat experience. If you’re hoping to stay safe and avoid getting taken out by a strong player, you can stay in the middle of the map until you’re strong enough, or you can venture out into the world and start leveling up faster. Fighting NPCs and other live players can be thrilling, so make sure that you’re becoming as strong as possible before jumping into a battle you may not be able to win.

If you’re hoping to find another exciting multiplayer experience that revolves around combat, be sure to check out Realm of Champions. This thrilling battle royale will put you in the shoes of some of your favorite fictional characters as they battle for the ultimate victory. And if you’re searching for even more experiences and codes to use on the Roblox platform, be sure to check out our Roblox sections below for more than you ever knew you needed.

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