Roblox Amazon Ascension Codes (June 2023)

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If you’re looking to see how you would fare in the Amazon Rainforest, then Amazon Ascension may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. No matter if you’re hoping to jump into the world as a predator or prey, this experience is all about survival of the fittest. Thankfully, there are a few available codes, which can give you the perfect opportunity to jump into the world with your favorite animal of choice, so let’s get ready to scale, swim and escape with the best of them in this pulse-pounding survival experience. Here are all Amazon Ascension codes currently available.

All Currently Available Amazon Ascension Codes

Below, you’ll find a list of all currently available Amazon Ascension codes, alongside some questions asked by players and community members.

All Amazon Ascension Codes (Working)

  • Amazon Ascension – x400 Silver Dollars
  • 1 Million – x400 Silver Dollars

All Amazon Ascension Codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes for Amazon Ascension

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How Do I Redeem Codes In Amazon Ascension?

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To redeem codes in Amazon Ascension, follow these simple steps:

  • On the main menu, click the Twitter Icon in the bottom left corner
  • In the new window, click on “Type your code here”
  • Enter any of the codes we have listed above
  • Click Redeem to get your items
  • Click Close to exit the window when finished

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Amazon Ascension?

If you’re running into any issues redeeming your codes in this experience, we’re here to help. The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that you’ve spelled the codes correctly. A misspelled code isn’t going to work in this, or any experience on the platform. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve followed the capitalization as shown above. If you’re still running into issues redeeming your codes, please copy and paste them from above.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Amazon Ascension?

When it comes to getting your hands on plenty of codes, be sure to bookmark this page. We’re always on the search for new codes for your favorite experiences, so you’ll always have a place to search for the newest and greatest codes on the Roblox platform. Otherwise, if you’re hoping to find a few of them for yourself, there are a few places you can check.

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The first spot on this journey you’ll want to check is going to be @IMevolved1 on Twitter. The developer of this particular experience is rather active on Twitter, posting updates about this experience and plenty of codes once they are available. If you’re hoping to connect with more players and find out more information about this experience, you can also join the Amazon Ascension Discord Channel to get a squad of survivors together to learn the ropes and evolve alongside.

Should I Play As Preditor Or Prey in Amazon Ascension?

It’s hard to recommend which option you should play as, but I know that I personally jumped into this as a small Capuchin Monkey to learn the ropes. It was rather exhilarating to jump between trees as I avoided a massive creature trying to take me down, but I can imagine that it has to be just as exciting to chase down unsuspecting creatures. It’s really up to you how you would like to play this experience.

What Is Amazon Ascension On Roblox?

Amazon Ascension is a unique type of experience, one that will put you in the paws of a specific creature of your choosing and you’ll need to survive or die while trying to explore the massive world around you. You’ll want to learn the ropes, no pun intended, about this world before you sink your teeth into the real meat of the experience. It can feel bleak at times, but it can also be one of the most fun times you have on the platform.

If you’re looking for something that may be a little easier to learn the ropes with, Yellowstone Unleashed may be a great first step. It’s fairly similar to this particular experience, but you’ll find that the map may be a little easier to navigate, due to the lack of trees and obstacles in the way. No matter which one you choose, it’s a great first step into the world of roleplaying games. Be sure to check out our Roblox sections below to get your hands on more codes and find even more exciting experiences awaiting you.

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