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Anime Power Simulator Codes (April 2023)

Imagine Jump Force, if it was good

by Shaun Cichacki

If you’ve been hoping to find the ultimate Anime Roblox crossover, then Anime Power Simulator is the experience for you. Featuring some of the biggest and best in the business, you’ll find that this crossover title has your favorite MC’s from a variety of different shows and manga, albeit with some slightly altered names. Not only that, but you’ll also find that it has some of the most engaging gameplay available on the platform, and you’ll need to pry yourself away from your platform of choice to finally get on with your day. Thankfully, codes can make this experience even more exciting, so let’s see what the developers have in store for us.

All Anime Power Simulator Codes In Roblox

Players will find all of the currently available codes for Anime Power Simulator below, alongside some questions asked by other players.

All Anime Power Simulator Codes (Working)

  • 5kLIKES! – Yen Boost
  • REWORK! – x1 EXP Boost Item
  • 2.5kLikes – x1 Lucky Boost Item
  • RELEASE! – 250 Coins

All Anime Power Simulator Codes (Not Working)

  • 1kLIKES
  • 250kVISITS!

How To Redeem Codes In Anime Power Simulator

Screenshot: Prima Games

Unlike other experiences, redeeming codes is easy in Anime Power Simulator. All you’ll need to do is click on the gear icon on the left side of your screen and then enter any of the codes listed above to redeem them. Click Submit and bring in the rewards that you deserve.

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Why Aren’t My Anime Power Simulator Codes Working?

If, for some reason, the codes that you’ve entered are not working, there are a few different things that you could try. First, try copying them directly from the list above. Any slight misspelling in the codes will make it so they don’t redeem, so make sure that you have them spelled correctly.

Secondly, try one of the expired codes we have listed above. Those will always flag with a different error, so there is a chance that a code could have expired. We always try to stay on top of things, but the developers may have a new code in the works that took an old one away.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Anime Power Simulator?

The first thing that you could check out is the official DIB Studios Discord Page. While it is a smaller group with only around 5,000 members, you’ll still be able to find some new players to game with and, hopefully, some new codes to add to your favorite experience. You can also follow one of the developers, @Benther123 on Twitter, as he drops codes on occasion to his fans.

While there may not be an Official Trello Board for this particular experience, @Benther123 does tend to add updated information directly to his feed so fans can see what may be coming next for this experience.

What Exactly is Anime Power Simulator?

Anime Power Simulator is exactly the game you wanted when you were a kid. Imagine Jump Force, but good. You’ll take control of your favorite anime characters and proceed through a storyline that will pit you against the forces of evil. Not going to win any awards for storytelling, but the gameplay speaks for itself.

You’ll get the chance to unlock more characters as you continue playing the game, and with updates that keep pushing the roster higher and higher, you’ll always have someone new to experiment with. Join up with your friends and get ready to grind until the sun comes up as you find out who is the most powerful on the server. If you’re looking for more exciting Roblox content, make sure to check out our Roblox tag below to find your next obsession.

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