Last night, Bandai Namco announced that the Shonen Anime arena fighting game Jump Force would be delisted from digital storefronts starting on February 7, 2022.

Shonen Anime Arena Fighter Jump Force To Be Delisted From Digital Storefronts Starting February 2022

Namco did not give a reason for the delisting, but many fans have been speculating that one of the licenses in the crossover game could be the cause for the delisting. Bandai Namco has worked with plenty of other titles like One Piece, DBZ, My Hero Academia, and Naruto. 

Alongside being delisted from digital storefronts, Jump Force’s online servers will be shut down on August 24, 2022, as well. The game’s single-player functions will still run as normal, but any ranked online matches or events that require internet will be taken offline permanently. 

On the Bandai Namco website, the company outlined which services will no longer be functional after the shutdown. 

Logging into the multiplayer lobby

  • Online events
  • Clan functions
  • Viewing the Notice Board
  • Viewing the leaderboards
  • Accepting Rewards from the Reward Counter
  • In-game Store
  • Premium Shop (*Only this function will be available until 8/1/2022) 
  • Online Ranked Match

You’ll still be able to play online matches, however, the ranked mode will no longer be available. Also, any DLC purchased before the delisting will still be available. 

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