All Reverse: 1999 Codes (November 2023)

In a world where time itself has been dissolved...

There’s a storm coming. And the best way to weather it in Reverse: 1999 is to take advantage of all those codes.

All Reverse: 1999 Codes for November 2023

Who doesn’t love a good gacha game? Especially one with a great cast of voice actors, unique designs, an engaging plot, and a combat system that actually has some strategy to it. Auto-battle? We don’t know her.

All Active Reverse: 1999 Codes

But because Reverse: 1999 does require some finesse, it’s a good idea to get as many resources as possible. To that end, here are all the currently active codes in Reverse: 1999.

    • 60 Clear Drops
    • 4000 Dust
    • 3000 Sharpodonty
    • 2 Bottle of Pages
    • 5 Enlighten I
  • 1999GIFT –
    • 50 Clear Drops
    • 19999 Dust
  • 5YRBRF9 –
    • 3 Fine Insight Packages
    • 19,999 Sharpodonty
    • 19,999 Dust

With these materials, you’ll be able to spoil your favorite crew members! But note, that these codes are a one-time use for all your accounts. So, if you use them once and decide to make an alternative account (or even permanently delete the account where you first used these codes), you won’t be able to use these codes again.

All Expired Reverse: 1999 Codes

The game is brand new, so all codes are currently active.

How to Redeem Codes in Reverse: 1999

Now that you have the codes, you’ll want to redeem them. Here’s how to do just that.

  • From the main menu, select the button below the bank icon. It looks like three stacked lines.
  • In this new sub-menu, select settings.
  • In settings, be sure you’re in the menu “Account”. You should start here.
  • In Account, you’ll see a section labeled “Exchange Code”.
  • Select the orange “Go” button beside Exchange Code Reward.
  • Input the code you’d like to use.

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