Aether Gazer Codes (June 2023)

A little extra reward never hurt anyone

While still fresh out of the oven, it’s never too late to get a little bit of extra help when challenging the big old beast that is the gacha simulator Aether Gazer. Just because the game is new doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its merits, and it looks like it already has codes for you to input to get a little bit of extra help when it comes to pulling for those characters you want to add to your team! Here are all available codes for Aether Gazer.

All Available Codes for Aether Gazer

Active Aether Gazer Codes

  • happyagdiscord60k – 100 Shifted Stars and 10x Coolant

Expired Aether Gazer Codes

[There are No Expired Codes in Aether Gazer So Far]

How do I Redeem a Code in Aether Gazer?

Yostars really likes to drop you into the middle of the action whenever they first begin their games so it may actually take you a few seconds before you’re able to go and redeem your codes. No worries, it’s really not too far off. At least it’s a way to get attached to your characters and get to know a lot about the story right from the get-go rather than scrambling for crumbs after fighting with the menu UI.

After you complete the tutorial which is around five missions that include some story to catch you up to date and a couple of battle mechanics so that you can get familiar with how the combat works in Aether Gazer, you’ll be able to explore the menu and the main hub page. 

Although the game will want you to continue the tutorial, the main hub page will be accessible after completing the first stage in Aether Gazer. Once you have this menu screen as depicted in the image above, you’ll click on the Mimir Icon just below your Profile Name. There’ll be several other icons just below it, but you want to focus on the tiny little creature on the right-side. 

Opening up Mimir’s Menu will display all sorts of fun new gadgets that can help you get some extra rewards for completing a survey, following Aether Gazer on their Official social media platforms, and providing feedback in the case you come across any bugs in the game! One of these options will be to Redeem. This is where you enter any code that is provided to you so that you can get extra rewards in the game, be it Shifted Stars for the gacha, Coolant for leveling up characters and so much more!

Why Aren’t My Codes Working For Aether Gazer?

If you’re unable to get to the hub menu screen, you haven’t completed the main missions seen in the image above. The game will require you to do the five missions in order to unlock all access to the menu settings that will allow you to redeem codes. However, if you are playing the game actively then you’ll be locked into continuing the story and following the tutorial into the next stage. This can easily be fixed by closing out of the game. You won’t lose your progress but when you log back in, you’ll have access to the main hub after the game finishes loading.

If you are unable to redeem your code, it’s likely due to it having expired but unless you receive a prompt saying that the code hasn’t been redeemed or notifies you that it is expired, you can send feedback to the devs through the game itself. In the same Mirmir widget, there is a feedback button that you can use to share any issues that you come across within the game. 

Where Can I Get More Codes for Aether Gazer?

The best place to continue to look out for codes will be Aether Gazer’s Official Discord where you can expect to see news about game updates, guidelines for the game, help for team building, and contact Support help for any game issues. You can find much more by taking a look at the server itself and choosing a faction once accepting the invite!

Another great place to stay up to date on events currently going on in the game and future codes that are released is Aether Gazer’s Official Twitter and YouTube where they post frequently the changes in the game. You can also follow Aether Gazer on Facebook and Instagram to see events as well as fan art for your favorite Modifiers. 

What is Aether Gazer?

Aether Gazer is a combat-focused game that allows for some open levels where you can explore limited spaces, but the game is focused on utilizing some sick fighting animations made in combination with three characters on the field. The story goes that the corporation Aether Gazer was founded due to the complications that arose in Gaea; a simulated world based on a time before war threatened the 10 divisions. People’s consciousnesses were updated to the system in order to continue on a new peaceful life, but it wasn’t long until a virus known as Visbane began to wreck the world through Quakes and attacked the previously peaceful Gaea. Aether Gazer sends out Modifiers, the security program that evolved into human-like entities to combat the Visbane directly to protect Gaea and restore order.

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