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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough – Gibraltar Bridge – Take Down the Giant Robots

by Prima Games Staff

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Look to the left and deploy the Spindly Torque when Set Roth gives you the word, then jump onto the bridge. There’s only one path during this level, so stay on it and make sure you don’t fall off the edge of anything. We died several times just because we didn’t look where we were going.

Tip: Save the Rocket Launcher for big robots and automatic turrets, you have plenty of firepower to take down the normal foes in this chapter.

Clear the top and bottom of the first train car, picking up the Rocket Launcher before you move on. As soon as you stick your head out, an automatic turret will engage you. Flip your Assault Rifle over to the Rocket Launcher mode and take it down.

The next train car has a heavily armored bad guy who likes to shoot rockets at you. Throw a couple Hand Grenades at him and then loot the car. Continue along the only path you can take through the next few cars until you reach one with two giant robots. They appear to be inactive and are laying behind bars at the sides of the train. Look for a hole in the left side of the car, then use the beam to jump over to more train wreckage.

This one is trickier. Just lurking outside is an automatic turret, mean looking robot and several bad guys. In fact, they’ll start shooting at you even before you exit the train car. Your best bet is to use a few Hand Grenades and your Laserkraftwerk to take down the robot, then equip the Rocket Launcher on your Assault Rifle. The remaining enemies can be picked off with a regular weapon, or you could opt to rush them with the Automatic Shotgun.

Tip: When you take down a robot, they will often drop huge weapons that can be charged up the same way as your Laserkraftwerk. These are highly effective options, but limit your movement significantly.

Head to the upper level of the train car that had several enemy fighters. Go to the far end and climb up, then travel across the nearby beam. Use your Laserkraftwerk to cut a hole in the fence and continue in the only direction available, picking up the Targeting Scope laying on the ground.

Keep moving along, sneaking past the Kampfhund trapped in the car. Walk across to the next one and drop in. You’ll need to cut through another piece of fence. Do so and continue dropping down until you’re on a broke piece of bridge.

You’ll see a couple of soldiers trying to help a robot pinned to the ground. Toss a Hand Grenade in their direction, then run forward and pick up the weapon the robot dropped. As you do this, you’ll be attacked by a second robot from the train car on the left. Use your new weapon to take him out, then charge it using the kit at the closest end of the wreckage. Keep this gun as long as you can, using its massive firepower to move forward and obliterate the enemy.

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As you move forward, you’ll come to a right turn. As soon as you head into the building you’ll face a big, armored soldier who seems upset. Use whatever you can to take him out, but the gun you picked up a little ways back is particularly effective. When he’s down, pick up his gun and ascend the stairs, taking out several bad guys on the top level. After they’ve all fallen, take out some drones and then drop down to the area where the soldier fired on you a few minutes ago. You should even find a charge kit to top up your new toy.

Cut a hole in the ground using your Laserkraftwerk, pick your gun back up and drop down to some air ducts. You should have an angle on an armored soldier and several light infantry. Take them out with your giant robot gun, then take the stairs down to the bottom floor. Pay close attention to the upper catwalks. There will most likely be a few soldiers lurking around up there.

With the room clear, drop the robot gun and exit the room to a catwalk. On your left is a ladder but you need to go right. Sprint and jump across the gap to trigger a cut scene.

Once you regain control, man the turret in the helicopter while Fergus flies you around. As soon as you see bad guys, light them up, making sure to take out the giant, armored Kampfhund before he takes the helicopter down (this happened to us). Stay on the gun and keep firing until you’re out of juice, then hop down and finish the rest of them off the old fashioned way.

Tip: Go into the door on the right and hotwire the safe to claim a Health Upgrade, along with some extra loot for your travels.

Hop down on the opposite side that Fergus dropped you off in the helicopter, then pass through that car and into the final piece of train wreckage of the chapter. Work your way to the bottom and snag the papers off the dead Nazi scientist to complete the chapter.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

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