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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Prologue Side Quests – Precious Cargo, On Death’s Bed

by Bryan Dawson

Most secondary quests (side quests) in The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt can only be completed for a limited time, which means if you progress too far into the game while playing through the main quests, you may miss out on some of the secondary quests that you left for later. It’s best to complete secondary quests associated with the main quest you are currently on, prior to completing the main quest itself.

The following feature includes all of the side quests in the Prologue to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Side Quest: Missing in Action

  • Location: White Orchard: Notice Board
  • Related Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries
  • Reward: Experienced Points

This quest will become inaccessible once you leave for Vizima. Begin at the Notice Board in White Orchard, traveling to the Ransacked Village. After a short cut scene, you need to meet Dune near the battlefield using the waypoint on your map. Speak to him again, then begin to Search for Temerian shields with small white flowers painted on them.

If you haven’t already been to this area, spend some time looting every single body that you find. You may end up selling most of it, but every bit counts, right? Use your Witcher Senses to check the shields highlighted red, then fight off some ghouls when they attack.

With the ghouls taken care of, activate your Witcher Senses and follow the dog’s trail. He’ll lead you to an overgrown cabin where you’ll find Bastian and a Nilfgaardian soldier. You have some decisions to make that will help determine the Nilfgaardian soldier’s fate, but as long as you complete the quest, Dune, Hussar, Bastien, Rhosyn (Nilfgaardian soldier) and Liesje (Dune’s wife) have moved to a small farm south of White Orchard.

Side Quest: Twisted Firestarter

  • Location: White Orchard – Blacksmith
  • Related Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x 20

You can begin this secondary quest by visiting the blacksmith in the center-north of the village. Use your Witcher Senses to look for evidence about the arsonist behind the forge. You’re on the right path when you find the shavings from a tinderbox and boot prints from a large man. Follow the boot print trail as it leads you to a lake near the Woesong Bridge. Jump into the water and swim under the bridge, emerging on the same side of the bank. You should find a lost boot here, and if you are attacked by some drowners, decide if you want to fight or flee. It’s up to you.

Follow the bootprints onto the bridge and back into town, where they’ll lead you to a cottage. Go inside and activate your Witcher Senses, then talk to the suspect in a bedroom behind the fireplace. Get him to admit what he’s done, then decide if you want to punish or let him off with a warning. No matter what you choose, the quest will come to an end.

Side Quest: Precious Cargo

  • Location: White Orchard – South of the Garrison
  • Related Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x 50, Celandine x 5

There are quite a few objectives during this secondary quest. Your first batch involves having to find where the cart left the road, find the cart itself, and find the little box the merchant mentioned. Luckily for you, these are all quite simple. Head along the road in a northwest direction, using your Witcher Senses to find the cart tracks that lead into the swamp. Expect to battle a few drowners while completing these objectives, but when you find the strongbox youre in good shape.

Return to the merchant and decide if you want to play dumb and tell him you found the box, turning it over for a small reward, or tell him you’ve seen through his lies, resulting in a chase between the two of you. For the biggest reward, opt for the latter, then complete two more objectives for the maximum reward this quest can offer. Chase down the merchant, then knock the merchant off his horse. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up with a third objective, defeat the bandits.

With the merchant off his horse you’ll have several options, each with a different reward. Choose any of the four to complete the quest.

  • Return the box to the merchant – 20 Novigrad Crowns
  • Return the merchant to the Nilfgaardian Garrison – 30 Novigrad Crowns
  • Strike a deal with the merchant – 30 Novigrad Crowns
  • Extort the merchant – 50 Crowns, 5 x Celandine, 4 x Myrtle

Side Quest: On Death’s Bed

  • Location: White Orchard – East of Sawmill
  • Related Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries, The Incident at White Orchard
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x 50, Venom Extract x 3, Manuscript Pages x 2, Of Sweat and Old Blood Book

This is the same herbalist that you need to speak with while completing The Beast of White Orchard. Before you reach her, you might as well gather supplies you need and brew a dose of the Swallow potion. Take the potion to the herbalist when completing the main quest (unless you’ve already done that), knocking this one off easily.

To craft the Swallow potion you’ll need 1 x Dwarven Spirit, 5 x Celandine and 1 x Drowner Brain. You can buy the first two from the herbalist, or you can snag the Dwarven Spirit from some bags just to the northwest of the house. For the Drowner Brain, kill a drowner and loot its body. With all the ingredients in hand, craft the Swallow potion and speak to the herbalist again to complete the quest.

Side Quest: A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

  • Location: White Orchard
  • Related Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries
  • Reward: Experience Points, Baked Apple x 5, Bread x 5, Apple Juice x 5

You can find this house northwest of White Orchard and along the riverbed. You’ll see an old woman standing outside the house. Speak with her to begin this secondary quest.

Use your Aard Sign to smash open the door and break into the locked hut. Once you’re inside, use your Witcher Senses to search the hut and determine what happened here. Go through every single room, collecting any loot that you wish to keep for yourself. Be sure to pay special attention to the dead body, as well as the monocle on the ground and in front of the corpse. After you collect it, return the frying pan to the old woman to complete the quest.

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