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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Carnal Knowledge and Romance Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Geralt of Rivia knows his way around his sword, so to speak. In fact, there are a variety of gorgeous ladies that hell be able to woo. This feature serves as a romance guide for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  In addition to listing all of the women in the game, well tell you which quests youll complete for Geralt to romance his way through the Northern Kingdoms.

Now that you romanced all the women in the game, continue Geralt of Rivias journey with Primafree The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough.

Keira Metz

To woo the stunning Keira, you must complete the following Secondary Quest: A Favor For A Friend. You will find her inside Keiras Cottage in the Velenian woods. 

Youre able to take part in this quest after finishing two secondary quests: An Invitation from Keira Metz and A Towerful of Mice.  

A Package For Keira 

After clearing Fyke Isle of the curse, attempt to leave the cottage and Keira will suggest you stick around. Dont get too excited, Romeo.  She wants you to run an errand. What? You thought it would be that easy?

Turns out theres an outstanding delivery from Novigrad that she asks you to track down. Agree to do her bidding and head to Hangmans Alley.  Use Geralts Witcher Sense to pick up the merchants tracks. Follow them south until they go off the road. This will lead you to some debris near a ridge. Search to find the package Keira desires. 

What became of the merchant? Youll find the poor guy, dead of course. Kill the Rotfiend and then search the merchants corpse to find a letter. Read it if you wish. 

BycHane, Gvyn, Caeffyl!

Head back to Keira and hand over the package.  Oddly enough, its contents factor heavily into her master plan to lay with Geralt. Two white horses appear (they were mice and require transforming for some reason). Keira then challenges Geralt to a race that you should accept. Simply look at the map and follow it to the destination; take advantage of shortcuts to win the race. 

Friends With Benefits

Geralt and Keira share a meal, during which, she makes her intentions known. You now have three different options. 

Give in to lust and then use Geralts Witcher Senses to follow pieces of Keiras clothing. From there they do the deed. Geralt falls asleep and wakes up alone near Fyke Isle. 

Resist Keiras advances and let her know now is not the time. She brings up Geralts inability to perform. Lie and youll both stare at the stars instead. Keira puts a sleeping spell on Geralt and he wakes up near Fyke Isle. 

The final option! Tell her Geralts heart belongs to another. Both characters will glance at the stars, shell put him to sleep and hell wake up near Fyke Isle. 

Triss Merigold

The radiant Triss Merigold has a soft spot for Geralt, but you must finish the Now Or Never Secondary Quest. To access it, finish both the A Favor for Radovid Main Quest and the A Matter of Life and Death side quest. From there, Triss requests Geralts help. 

Whether or not you choose to take on Now Or Never has consequences in The Witcher 3. Ignore the side quest and witch hunters kill all of the mages, thus ending any chance to romance Triss. If you complete it, you learn more about nonhumans while on the Blindingly Obvious main quest. Finally, if you convince Triss to stick around she becomes your girlfriend, which makes things interesting later on if you already gave Geralts heart to Yennefer. 

Enough of that. Onto the quest!

Culling Of The Mages 

Youll see witch hunters and members of the temple guard near Trissplace. You can speak aggressively and enjoy a battle, or take the high road and go about your business. 

From here, go inside the Crooked House and go up the steps, where youll find Triss having a conversation with her landlord and a woman who we presume is his wife. 

Your actions before entering the Crooked House guide the conversation. If you killed the guys outside the landlord is upset. If you let them be the chat is about Trissrent. 

In an attempt to make peace, Triss hands over a valuable looking necklace. Watch things unfold or get in the landladys face. They leave regardless. Turns out you cant be too mad at these people. They let Triss, a sorceress, crash at their place. Thats a crime. 

Triss goes on about mages and the dangers they face. Offer Geralts services and shell express doubt about the best path to take. Either she takes the mages underground near the docks, or you go after two mages named Anisse and Berthold, whereabouts unknown.  Continue the conversation, but avoid declining to help because it will end this quest. 

Now you have two options. Agree to find Anisse and Berthold, or go to Kingfisher Inn to save the mages inside, thus dooming the other two. 

If the thought of Anisse and Berthold perishing is too much to bear, go with Triss to the Bits district. Exit the Crooked House and go east. Walk down the wood stairs and Triss spies a patrol of guards in the distance. You can hide out near a building and let the enemies pass, or make Geralts presence known and prepare for combat. 

No matter which option you go with, head north into an alley and then go inside a home on the right; its near some stone stairs.  Witch hunters are already here, so kill these guys immediately and dont let them kill either mage.

If either Anisse or Berthold die, the surviving mage is upset. If you managed to save both of these characters, Berthold wants to stay put. We suggest using Axii Delusion Level 1 to persuade them to go. 

Under The Kingfishers Nest 

Whether or not you chose to rescue the two mages, accompany Triss to Kingfisher Inn. Similar to before, she may call out some enemies and you can hide or fight. 

Continue following Triss beneath an arch and then around a wall to the Inn, then go inside. If you saved Anisse and Berthold, slaughter the three witch hunters. Unfortunately one of the mages, Olivier, died during the fight. Talk to Triss about this and answer however you wish. 

If you let Anisse and Berthold fend for themselves, Olivier is alive and welcomes you to the Inn. Now follow Triss down some steps. Youll come upon a secret passageway that leads to a basement where the mages are located.

Bloodletting In The Sewers

Triss interacts with her buddies. During this brief period of time you can chat with Sigismund Djikstra however you want. Afterwards Triss wants to escape into the sewers. Go north and then through an opening. Travel down the tunnel and dispose of two Drowners; keep Triss behind Geralt at all times. Now approach the junction and go west. 

When you reach the room with wooden barrel scaffolding, go north to a dead end. Attack the western wall to reveal a library. Collect as many books as you want and then bust through the loose bricks to the southwest. Go into the tunnel and kill the enemy standing in Geralts way. 

Youll come upon a gate, so open it and take the path.  Kill the Drowners and then open another gate. This leads to a room full of rats. Let Triss deal with them.  

Walk along the balcony and head down some stairs.  Deal with the rats and go south, up some stairs and into the tunnel. Push east and battle three Drowners at the top. Unfortunately its a dead end, so backtrack down the stairs and go into the side tunnel to the south. Youll enter a room with a window. Travel to the west and go into another tunnel. This brings you to a junction chamber. Go through the opening and walk along the tunnel that curves to the right. 

Now go west, walk up to the corpse and discover theres no blood inside the body. What could have done this? Find out by walking into the next room and kill the Katakan. When its dead, follow the tunnels to the Novigrad docks. 

One Last Farewell?

Almost there! Head to the wharf and youll encounter Dijkstra and his men. Steer the discussion in any direction you wish and then kill the six witch hunters that appear. 

Triss intends to leave with the mages and its time to make a decision. 

  • If you wish her farewell, Triss gets on the boat and leaves. 
  • Implore her to stick around. She then brings up her romantic history with Geralt.

If you say Go, Ill miss you,she gets on the boat anyway. If you say, Lets try againshe walks onto the boat. Finally, saying I love you,results inwell give you one guessTriss getting on the boat. 

All is not lost, however. If you managed to complete the following, Triss returns:

Kiss her while at the masquerade ball during the A Matter of Life and Death side quest. 

Went to save the mages at the start of the side quest. 

Say I love youand then answer nicely to whatever she says. Shell then suggest you watch the ships together. 

If you dont have Triss, Dijkstra will ask Geralt to help him kill King Radovid, which leads to the A Deadly Plot side quest. This concludes Now Or Never. 

If Triss came back, you both go to a lighthouse to watch the mages escape via boat. Geralt and Triss enjoy a bit of passion and she becomes his girlfriend. Afterwards, Dijkstra brings up the aforementioned assassination. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg (First Encounter)

Geralt and Yennefer hook up and theres a unicorn involved, but first youll need to beat The King Is Dead: Long Live The King quest. 

Attire Befitting A Witcher 

At the beginning of this main quest, take the path near the harbor past some buildings as you make your way to the keep. While traveling north, turn left and go into Yennefers Room by the Old Port Inn. Use Geralts Witcher Senses to look at her stuff. Youll see beauty cream, a megascope, her clothing, a book and a stuffed unicorn. In addition, theres a Skellige outfit inside of a chest near the megascope. Geralt has two colors to choose from. 

Youre free to wear whatever you want, but Yennefer prefers black and white clothes. Since were trying to catch her eye, go with this option and then make your way to Kaer Trolde Keep to continue the quest. 

May Our Horns Echo Midst The Cliffs And Peaks 

Walk all the way up to the keep, pausing to admire the view. Youll find Yennifer speaking to King Brans widow, Birna. After the queen leaves, Yennefer inspects Geralts outfit. Wearing black and white earns Geralt praise, while doing the opposite results in a snarky remark. 

Once inside the keep youll chat with Yennefer about clothing. When that conversation ends you will enter the great hall and go to your seats. Youre to meet Blueboy Lugos, Cerys an Craite, Otrygg and Halbjorn.  During the discussion Cerys challenges Geralt to a race. Accept and the race begins. Reply no and the conversation continues.

The Race To Hjalmars Axe

If you chose to race Cerys, the game transitions from the great hall to an outdoor location in Kaer Trolde Mountain. Cerys takes off at the sound of the horn and you should run along the path on Geralts map. Use torches as a guide and make sure you successfully climb up ledges. Should snow impede Geralts progress, run and jump. Do this and youll see a tunnel. Go in there and youll find Hjalmars Axe. 

Inter-Island Animosity 

Back in the great hall, have a drink (or not) and then get up. Go into the banquet hall and make note of the exclamation points (!) on the minimap.   

Following an argument, have a chat with Holger. Again, have a drink or decline.  Later youll chat about Skellige Widows, discuss omens with Jarl Udalryk and Hjort and/or get in the middle of an argument between two Jarls that results in a fight you can win or lose. Geralt is merely enjoying a lay of the land at this point. 

The Trial Of Taxidermy

We mentioned two Jarls arguing. Go through the door behind them towards Ermions laboratory. Stay behind Yennefer to avoid attracting unwanted attention and then chat with her about the Mask of Uroboros; she wants to nab it.  

Go over to the window and head outside. Walk along the balcony and then into the next window. Go down the steps and into a room full of stuffed animals.  From here, use Geralts Witcher Senses to discover four bears, four deer and 10 wolves, none of which move. In addition, theres an altar and basin filled with water that allows for teleprojection. Finally, Geralt gets cut opening a door. Inside, you discover these animals are very much alive. 

Kill the animals and then Geralt falls down. Surprise! They were stuffed all along and this was all some sort of hallucination. At least theres a new open door you can walk through.

Making The Earth Move 

Walk down steps and go inside Ermions laboratory. Use Geralts Witcher Senses to find the following items: 

  • A letter on a sideboard. 
  • Ermions pipe, which is located on a table next to the fireplace. 
  • A Tales of the Wild Hunt book, which is on a table near a pillar.
  • A cup of dwarven mead near the bed. 
  • Boiling casks on top of a bookshelf.
  • One wooden goat on top of a barrel. 
  • A tiny human skull. Look for it on a circle-shaped table. 
  • Ermions magic wand, located by his wardrobe. 
  • One pine cone atop a table by a bookcase. 
  • A sword stuck inside of a stone. No, you cannot remove the blade. 
  • A giant statue. Put the cup of mead in its hand to discover a hidden entrance. 

This takes you into a cavern. Yennefer discovers the Mask of Uroboros, but she cannot take it because there is an Earth Elemental nearby.   

Attack the Elemental until it falls apart. This causes the place to fill with a strange gas. You have 15 seconds to fill Geralts pockets with loot. Geralt begs Yennefer to use her teleport ability to help them both escape certain doom. 

There are two options to choose from. 

  • Tell her youll both die and she teleports Geralt onto the table at Kaer Trolde. Dont do this, since it ruins your ability to romance Yennefer.
  • Instead, let her know you want to kiss. Instead of falling onto that table, you appear in Yennefers bedroom. Seems her dress was damaged! 

If you tell her it would be a good idea to head back to the party, she sews her dress back together and you depart. 

If you suggest she let you watch, then the magic happens, complete with unicorn shenanigans.  

Oaths Of The Offspring 

Everything that follows has nothing to do with romancing Yennefer. You will, however, gain access to two secondary quests and one main quest. 

Yennefer Of Vengerberg (Second Encounter)

Yennefer is unique in that shes the only woman in The Witcher 3 that Geralt has relations with twice. Like last time, though, youll need to do a bit of work to join her in bed. To kick things off, begin the No Place Like Home Main Quest. 

Ancient Rites And Alcohol 

Go inside the Kaer Morhen fortress and then access the main hall. Walk over to the big table and listen to the conversation, responding however you want. There are disagreements among the party and you wind up with Eskel, Lambert and Yennefer. Everyone has some drinks to lighten the mood, then Eskel asks Geralt if hes hungry. They both head towards the kitchen and then come back. 

Snacks Appeal, Or Sex Appeal 

Yennefer goes to leave, but youre free to engage her in conversation about the Wild Hunt and other topics. 

  • If you previously slept with Yennefer, follow her upstairs for some action. 
  • If you have no romantic ties with her, well, nothing happens. 

Regardless, you go back to that large table to speak with whoever is still there. Not only can you play Gwent with Eskel, but also a drinking game with Lambert.  

Getting Eskels Goat 

Eskel is quite drunk and managed to disappear. Geralts Witcher Senses prove valuable. Use this ability to find spilt wine, as well as some prints that lead to an exit, where you find blood. 

Travel south and youll find Eskel fast asleep; wake him up. Now Lambert wants to switch on the megascope and speak with a sorceress. You can tell him thats an awesome idea or decline. Do the latter and the quest is over. 

Whos Wearing The Trousers?

Did you agree to turn on the megascope? If so, Lambert says he plans to contact someone known as Ida, but in order to do this, everyone must dress up like Yennefer. Go ahead and put on her pants. 

Instead of seeing Ida, you encounter Cyrus Hemmelfart sitting on a toilet.  Nothing bad happens. Yennefer appears and tells Geralt to go to bed. Yes maam! 

Jutta An Dimun

To gain Carnal Knowledge of Jutta An Dimun, finish the Iron Maiden Secondary Quest. 

Run To The Hills

When you reach the Faroe village of Ringvold, take the eastern path and go up into the hills. Youll discover Skellige warriors sparring, and this is your chance to step right into the ring and chat with the lovely Jutta an Dimun. Challenge her to a sword fight. 

We have good news and bad news. Lets start with the good. If you killed the leader of the slavers in side quest Flesh for Sale or defeated Einar of Faroe in side quest Fists of Fury, Jutta an Dimun accepts Geralts challenge without hesitation. 

Onto the bad news. If you did neither of those things, she asks Geralt to prove himself by either defeating a person named Gundar in Ringvold, or jumping into the ocean and bringing back a sword from a shipwreck. 

Well start with Gundar.

Be Quick Or Be Dead 

Head back to the village and look for Gundar by the harbor, close to Juttas place. Convince this person to engage Geralt in a fistfight and destroy him, making sure you never step outside the ring. With him down, go back to Jutta and shell agree to fight.

If you opt to bring the sword, dive into the ocean and use Geralts Witcher Senses to find the blade. Beware of Drowners and Sirens in the water.

During the battle against Jutta, hit her with quick attacks that force her towards the edge of the ring.  When she reaches the edge back off and repeat this process until Geralt is victorious. Lose and the side quest is over. 

When Two Worlds Collide 

Jutta is all about Geralt at this point. She invites him to her place. Say yes and go there immediately. She comes on to Geralt and you can tell her no, but why the heck would you do that?  

Madame Sasha

If youre an avid Gwent card collector, its important to know in advance that you will lose some cards in completing the High Stakes Secondary Quest. If you need help, brush up with these Gwent tips.

Count Tybalts Gwent Tournament 

Check the Notice Board for an invitation to Novigrads brothel, Passiflora, to take part in Count Tybalts Gwent tournament. You will need 1,000 Crowns to enter this tournament, along with an above average deck of Gwent cards. In other words, the deck must be worth at least 70 Tournament Value Points.

At the outset you meet Madame Sasha, who fills you in on different characters. When that conversation ends, speak to other people in the room. Before long Count Tybalt shows up and you play Gwent against Geralts first adversary, Bernard Tulle. 

Tip: Save in between matches so you can replay one should you lose.

Three Bouts And A Beating

After beating Bernard Tulle, Sasha asks you to steal Tybalts treasure. Shes heard about Geralt before from sorceress Fringilla Vigo, and proposes a tantalizing reward should you win the tournament. 

In a surprise twist, your next Gwent opponent is in fact Sasha. Defeat her and then find Finneas.  Hes not a good loser, and youll need to lay the smack down in order to teach this jerk a lesson. 

Fleecing At The Passiflora

County Tybalt offers congratulations and then challenges you! Win or lose, then discover the reward is gone. Sasha is with you, so shes not the culprit. Go in search of the reward. Sasha will use the power of persuasion to convince a guard to leave his post, allowing you to go upstairs. 

Using Geralts Witcher Senses, you will stumble upon a dead body, hints of a  heavy object that was dragged onto the terrace and a crossbow bolt with a piece of cut rope attached to it. 

Go downstairs and then outside. Walk over to the fountain located to the northeast. Use Witcher Senses to find the other bit of rope and Geralt will smell cinnamon. The scent leads to a box belonging to a trading company. Sasha then tells you where to go next.

Travel to the Docks and walk to the last warehouse. Sasha informs Geralt there are six enemies inside this place. Run around to the back and go into the open window.  Bernard, of all people, was behind the heist! Defeat his five thugs and then the thief. 

Its Definitely On The Cards

Sasha oh so graciously agrees to split half the winnings with you, and invites Geralt to meet her at Kingfisher Inn. Once there, she reveals that her real name is Cantarella, and the conversation gets heated in the best possible way.  After suggesting you follow her upstairs, agree and take this relationship to a whole other level, or decline.  

Strumpets Of Crippled Kates

No main or secondary quests to complete! Simply visit Crippled Kates Brothel in Novigrad near the dockside district, hand over 20 crowns and select one of three women. 

Harlots Of Passiflora

Enjoy some Gwent matches, or if you prefer, one of this brothels finest ladies. The latter will cost you 40 crowns.

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