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The Witcher 3 Monster Contract – The Oxenfurt Drunk

by Prima Games Staff

This feature provides a complete walkthrough for The Oxenfurt Drunk, one of many Monster Contracts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Look for more contracts on Notice Boards throughout the Northern Realms, and slaughter all manner of creatures to earn Crowns and loot.

Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk

To pick up this contract, travel to Oxenfurt and check the Notice Board near Oxenfurt Port. 

The Commander of the Oxenfurt City Regiment wants someone to kill a monster wreaking havoc within the city. Seems like the perfect job for Geralt of Rivia, so head to the docks and look for a Redanian named Nikolas Friedman.  According to him, the creature goes after loners and then dumps the bodies in gutters. At least it’s discreet! 

Negotiate a price for Geralt’s services and then ask to meet the sawbones who performed autopsies on the deceased. In addition, there’s a survivor in the tavern who may reveal new details. 

Head south towards the sandy dockside until you discover a morgue. Chat with the medic to learn he did not finish the autopsies quickly enough because the victims are beggars and alcoholics. Lean on him a bit to receive the Oxenfurt Morgue Key.

Go inside the morgue and then activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to discover the following: 

  • There are two bodies with fang marks. The corpses may have been dragged along cobblestones.
  • You find vampire bites and then pick up the smell of alcohol.

Go to the town square, specifically The Alchemy Tavern. Go through the front door (the back is locked) and search for the Weeping Woman at the bar. She requests more drinks, and you can: 

  • Give her 30 Crowns for alcohol. 
  • Use Axii Delusion Level 3 to keep her sober.

Regardless of what you choose, she tells you something spoke her name, grabbed her clothes and she managed to escape. You also learn about the scene of the crime. 

Exit the tavern to find some drunkards in the thoroughfare.  Walk to the stone archway and use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find a bracelet. Considering the jewelry and wounds on the bodies, the culprit must be a Katakan! 

Reenter the tavern and look for the innkeep behind the bar.

  • Pay 50 Crowns to give the victim a drink. 

When it’s nighttime, Geralt leaves intoxicated and you’re able to reach the next objective without alerting the Katakan. Now walk to the next marker on the map, singing as you go. 

Walk to the next area on the map, which is an alley between two homes. When you get there, the vampiric creature expresses its desire to drink Geralt’s blood. It’s time to show Gael the Katakan you mean business!

Unfortunately, confronting Gael is somewhat tricky because it pushes Geralt to the floor and then escapes before you have a chance to respond. For now, stick to the path and reach the next area on the map, which leads north to a river hut.  Use the ladder near the alley to get onto the balcony, then fall into the building to begin the fight.

During the battle, use Igni Sign magic, Yrden Sign magic, Vampire Oil, Devil’s Puffball Bombs and Moon Dust Bombs to deplete Gael’s health bar. Additionally, battle the creature during the day as opposed to nighttime so it doesn’t regenerate health as quickly. Sunlight will not kill a Katakan, but its powerful rays will slow the beast considerably. 

When the vampire is dead, take the Lesser Blue Mutagen, the key to Katakan Lair and the Katakan trophy. Return to Nikolas Friedman and tell him the higher vampire is gone for good, then collect the reward. 

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