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Wasteland 2 Guide: How to Find Damonta

by Prima Games Staff

Continue your journey with Prima’s free Wasteland 2 Guide and Walkthrough.

Ask Around the Prison about Damonta

Visit the Prison on your World Map. Enter and then head forward along the road until you come to a man named Fred. He’ll mention staying away from this place and that he is trying to leave, but his wagon is stuck. Use your Brute Force skill on the wagon to unstick it and then trade with him for anything you might need. Before leaving Fred alone, ask him about Damonta. He’ll mention another man, Red, who is apparently always talking about Damonta.

Now head up along the road under the freeway signs and into the first part of town. Speak with the trader there, a man named Cyril, to learn a bit more about the area before continuing along the road and around the decrepit gas station with the Flag hanging off. You’ll get pulled into a cut scene. Once it’s over, resume moving forward until Chris VanOverbake begins a conversation with you. He’ll ask you about your weapons and demand that you pay a weapon tax. Choose the no conversation cue to enter a battle encounter and kill the Red Skorpions in the area.

After looting the bodies, continue up the path and past the beggar asking for Skorpian Skrip. For the purpose of this quest, you’ll need to head up the left path that leads to a gate and two turrets. Destroy the turrets and then unlock the fence. Inside you’ll find Red. Talk with him and ask about Damonta. He’ll tell you that you need to pass through the radiation wall to the east, but you’ll also need powerful rad suits in order to survive the pass. Ask him about rad suits and he’ll tell you about a Ranger named Rick Baychowski, who was picked up by the Rangers and taken back to the Citadel to be imprisoned for his wrong doings. Finish chatting with Red and then head back to the Ranger Citadel.

Talk to Rick Baychowski about Rad Suits

Once you enter the Citadel you’ll need to head forward and around the locked elevator in the central area. Open the center door and then immediately turn right after passing through it. Pass by the Ranger standing guard and through the set of doors right behind him. Continue down this hallway and around the corner until you reach the brig. Talk with the Jailor and mention Baychowski and he’ll wake him up for you. Chat with Baychowski and mention the rad suits. Offer to free him and then accept his deal to let him lead you to the RV where he stashed the rad suits, then look the other way as he escapes.

Now chat with the Jailor and mention needing Baychowski for an impending investigation and he’ll let him into your custody.

Find Rick’s RV

Head out of the Citadel and into the World Map. Open up your Party Map and choose the X that marks the location of Rick’s RV. Choose to travel to it, making sure to grab some water from a nearby Oasis if you need it. Once you enter the instance, Rick will tell you the RV is just around the bend and ask to leave. We chose to keep him in custody; after all, we’re Rangers and want to uphold the law. Follow the path around the bend and take out the enemies in your way. With the RV in sight, you should see a safe in front of it. Baychowski will give you the combination, telling you that it is 733. Open it up and take the +4 Rad suits inside. Now head back to the Citadel to release Rick Baychowski back into the Jailor’s cell to be on your way.

Passing Through the Radiation Wall

In order to reach the far east of Arizona where Damonta is, we’re going to need to pass through what the Rangers call the Wall of Radiation. Now that we have our +4 Rad Suit equipped, it shouldn’t be too hard. Head back towards the Prison via the World Map. Travel just North of it and into the radiation. Continue east until you come to the first set of category 3 and 4 clouds. Pass through them (your rad suit will protect you) and head just northeast until Titan’s Canyon appears on your map. You’ll need to pass through this territory to make it far enough east, so go ahead and enter the instance.

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