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Wasteland 2 Guide: Canyon of Titan, Temple of Titan

by Prima Games Staff

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Entering the Canyon of Titan

After entering the Canyon of Titan from the World Map, head straight forward. You should see a few people lying on the ground dead, as well as a couple of individuals standing around a wounded man. They’ll ask if you have a doctor. Use your surgeon skill to heal the wounded man and gain access to cheap supplies.

Side Quest: Help a Merchant find his Missing Wife – Or Not

Now head to the opposite side of the path from the wounded man you just healed. There will be another man standing over a wounded raider. Watch the cut scene play out, then once you have control of your characters, interact with the stranger to learn that raiders took his wife. Offer to help him and he’ll tell you that you shouldn’t because the monks won’t forget it if you attack a group that is escorted by one of their own. If your Hard Ass or Kiss Ass skill is high enough, you can use the optional conversation cues Trust and Attack. We used Trust since our Kiss Ass skill is one of our highest.

After you accept the quest, he’ll lead the way. Just follow him until you come to the bandit camp. Fortunately for all of us, the monk and raiders are dead, and sadly his wife along with them. Kill the badgers around the area to complete the quest.

Now head back out the way you came, turning southeast once you see the gated area. You can enter this gated area for any loot, but be careful, as it is heavily rigged with traps. Talk with Salt and he’ll ask you to pay a toll, if you tell him to Piss off, he’ll tell you to come back later with a toll. Head back down the road from him until a “Shadowy Figure” calls to you. Follow the man until you can interact and then talk to him. He’s apparently with a group called the Diamondback Militia, and they want to take down the Mad Monks because their god is actually a nuclear missile. You can use your Kiss Ass or Smart Ass skill to find better directions to their stronghold before leaving the conversation.

With that completed, head back towards Salt and his group of bandits. This time ignore them, and instead pass down the path beside them. Follow it until you find Brother Chavez. He’ll tell you to head down the path to Outpost One and ask for a cart for him. Finish your conversation and then continue down the path until you’re pulled into a cut scene with a woman, a raider and one of the Mad Monks. Once the cut scene ends and the monk has blown himself sky high, step up to the woman. She’ll ask you to kill her, at which point you can either put her out of her misery or save her using your Surgeon skill. We went ahead and gave her what she wanted, as we thought it more merciful than forcing her to live in the Wastes with nuclear burns.

Head past the woman’s position and towards the area full of Monks and raiders ahead. Sadly, you have no choice but to attack them, so go ahead and take them out, carefully making sure the monks don’t get close with their nuclear grenades.

Once the area is clear, continue forward on the path until you come to Outpost One. Talk with Brother Franks and he’ll offer to send a monk with you if you’re willing to bring three radioactive goops to the Temple of Titan as a tribute. Agree, then remember to tell him about Brother Chavez and head through the gate that opens after the conversation ends.

Gather Your Tribute to Titan

Now that you have a monk with you, the other monks and some of the raiders won’t attack. Head down the path and take the first veering path you come to. Follow it to find three “spies” watching the monks below. Take them out and then retreat back to the main path.

Follow the main path to get pulled into a battle with a group of three Diamondback Militia. Take them out and continue past and down the path to the right. Follow this path until you come across a raider named Skunk Pig. If you take him back to Outpost One you’ll have less trouble with the raiders, so go ahead and accept his side quest and lead him back to Brother Franks.

After leading Skunk Pig back to the outpost, head across the bridge ahead of you. Open the gate to the southeast and follow the path down to find a group of badgers and a radioactive barrel. Take out the badgers and use the container you were given on the barrel to grab one of your needed goops.

Back on the main path, detour back to Outpost One and through the gate, down the main path and veer off down the path where you found Skunk Pig. Follow this path until you see the next group of raiders (carefully pass by the monk as he was still hostile towards us). You should now see the next barrel of goop, with a raider standing beside it. Talk to the raider and he’ll ask you to buy some of it. You can use your Hard Ass skill if it is high enough and get the product for free. After convincing the raider, whether by skill or paying, use the container on this barrel to gather your second container of goop.

Head past the rest of the raiders until you come to another outpost. This one is littered with bodies. A man will ask you if you’re responsible. We replied No, and then traded with him. Continue through the gate and over the bridge, follow the path around until it veers off in different directions. For now we’re going to head down into the ditch-like area and pass under the bridge. Follow this until you come to an area with an Alarm rigged safe and head straight up the incline to the right to encounter some bandits. Clear out the bandits here and interact with the barrel of goop to get your final container.

In order to get to the Temple of Titan, we’re going to need to head back down the path, this time following it as it veers to the left. Follow it over the bridge, past the broken water truck and through the next outpost until you come to the end of the path. Interact with the travel icon in order to pass into the Temple of Titan.

The Temple of Titan

Head up the left most path to find your way to the front gates of the temple. You’ll be pulled into an automatic conversation, where the monks will demand that you pay double your original tribute. If you disagree, a battle will ensue that concludes with Titan being activated. However, before the countdown can finish it will be stopped, and you’ll be given the choice of Arrest or Death. The only real option here is Arrest, so you’ll need to choose it if you go that route.

If you’re looking to stay out of trouble though, you’ll need to go ahead and agree to the terms. This isn’t too big of an issue, as there are still a few barrels of radioactive material left in the canyon. Head back out of the temple area to get started.

Finding More Tribute

To find the next three buckets of goop, you’ll need to head back out into the Canyon. Head back down past the massacred outpost and past where you met Skunk Pig. Head to where the path forks and then southwest into that little area. Attack the badgers and grab the radioactive goop before heading all the way back to the Temple of Titan.

Once you’re back in the temple, head over to the right of the area. You should see a small incline with junked cars. Follow that path until it ends to grab another batch of goop. The final batch can be found by traveling up the center path and taking the narrow incline up into the higher areas that look down on the front entrance of the temple. Cross the small bridge and break the fence using your Brute Force skill. Now with all six of your goop containers filled, head back to the entrance of the Temple to be let through. 

As you head for the exit to the Wastelands, you’ll be asked by Father Enola to investigate an area called Silo-7, where one of their monks setup camp and claims to have a nuke of his own. Accept the mission, then head out the back exit to enter the World Map. Travel north of the Temple of Titan until the town of Damonta appears on your map.

Clean up Damonta

Now that you’ve finished up with the Temple of Titan, it’s time to head on to Damonta and get our Repeater Unit set up on the local tower. Upon arriving in town, head forward. You’ll quickly learn that the town has been overrun by robots. 

Follow the path and travel left. Veering right will lead to a small building with a vendor inside. Quickly take the robots out ahead of you and then continue around the curve. Red Baychowski will call to you from inside the airplane. If you help him, he’ll offer up a side quest you can complete in the airplane graveyard just north of Damonta. After heading around the curve, you should see the radio tower ahead. Take out the robots around it and talk with Werewolf Wally inside. He’ll ask you to save Damonta before leaving, and if you have the Hard Ass skill leveled up enough, you can bypass this quest-line altogether.

If you choose to take the quest and save Damonta, you’ll need to head south, around the buildings housing the radio station. Follow the path around the city-like area and into the area littered with airplane parts. You will encounter heavy robot resistance as you continue because you are growing closer to robot’s HQ. You’ll need to follow the path until you reach the far left wall, and then take it north until it veers to the right some. Cross this to find a hangar with a synth named Tinker inside. 

Enter a battle and try your best to keep the girl in the chair from dying (if she dies it isn’t a huge deal, but she can be saved if you’re fast enough). Once the mission is complete, you can head back out to the radio tower and turn it in to Wally in order to gain access to the control panel where you need to install the Repeater Unit. After attaching the unit, you’ll be asked to head back to the Ranger Citadel so you can be sent to California to investigate the mysterious radio signal. 

Side Quest: Find Binh for her Parents

You pick up this quest from the family in the diner that you’ll pass as you head up towards the rear area of Damonta. Kill the robots around them and then they’ll open the door in the back room. Talk with them and they will tell you that Binh was last seen in the garden when the robots attacked. Head back out the diner and up the road, kill the robots around the garden and look for any trace of her. Sadly, there isn’t any trace of her here, as she’s been taken hostage by the syntch Tinker in the hangar where you need to finish the quest to shut down the robot army invading Damonta. If you haven’t defeated the Tinker yet, head in that direction and duke it out. Whether Binh survives or not, you’ll just need to talk with her parents afterward to complete the quest.

Side Quest: Help Red find the Treasure of the Sierra Madre

After accepting Red’s quest, head out of Damonta and up towards Silo-7. Upon entering Silo 7, take the left path until you come to a corner with two wrecked planes against the wall. Use Perception in this area to locate the entrance to the wrecked area. Inside you’ll find the wrecked Sierra Madre. Enter the cargo hold and look for the grate on the floor. Use Brute Force or Lockpicking to unlock it and split the treasure with Red before heading back out of the wreck.

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