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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Ghost Reconciler Guide

by Bryan Dawson

Shortly after you’ve selected a second class you’ll be able to head over to Tweek Bros. Coffee and speak with Craig to start Ghost Reconciler. This side quest tasks you with running back and forth between Tweek and Craig, then eventually having to find and capture Stripe, their guinea pig. This article covers the Ghost Reconciler, giving you a quick rundown of exactly what you have to do, including where to find Stripe and how to catch Stripe so you can complete Ghost Reconciler and get the Electropunk costume set.

Depending on when you start this side quest, you may not be able to finish all of it right away. If you start it too early you either won’t have the TimeFart Pause ability, or Tweek’s dad may not speak with you after you deliver messages back and forth. If you’re stuck by either of these issues, go back to the main quests and run through them until Kyle calls you over to his place to learn the TimeFart Pause ability. At that point you should have no issues getting through this side quest.

Ghost Reconciler

To start the mission, speak with Craig in front of Tweek Bros. Coffee. You will find Tweek Bros. along the top road on the far right side, north of the PlayGround area. Once you arrive and talk to Craig, head inside the coffee shop and make your way into the back room where Tweek is waiting.

Depending on when you try to complete this mission, you may have trouble getting into the back room. If this happens, to gain access to the employee room, you may have to use the Fartkour Buddy Power in Bijou Theater next door. You can Fartkour in order to reach the balcony, then climb up the ladder to the far right and run across the roof to reach Tweek Bros. Coffee. Once you’re on the roof of Tweek Bros. you can enter the back room from the hatch.

When you get into the back room, talk to Tweek, then go back outside and speak with Craig again. You’ll have to head to Craig’s house to pick up Stripe, the guinea pig. To cut your travel time a bit, you can activate the Fast Travel point to the right of the coffee house (if you haven’t already), then use it to Fast Travel over to Tom’s Rhinoplasty and walk to Craig’s place from there.

Catching Stripe

Head inside Craig’s house, then make your way upstairs and go into the middle door (on the back wall) to enter Craig’s room. Stripe is hiding inside the Snacky Cakes box on the floor. If you look inside, Stripe will run to the vent on the right. You can prevent this by using the TimeFart Pause ability (obtained during the Medicinal Fried Fiasco main mission) as soon as you look inside the box. If you don’t get it in time, you can Fart by the vent, then immediately use a TimeFart Pause again to catch Stripe before he runs to the vent by the bed. If you’re not fast enough, just repeat the process by the other vent until you eventually catch Stripe.

With Stripe in hand, head back to Tweek Bros. Coffee and walk toward Craig just outside the shop. After a short cutscene, head back inside and talk to Tweek again. Go back outside and speak with Craig one more time, then go back into the employee room and talk to Tweek one last time. Finally, talk to Mr. Tweek behind the counter to complete the mission and obtain the Electropunk costume set.

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