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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield – Release the Prisoners

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

There’s a reason lone soldiers aren’t sent in to destroy an entire airfield and kill everyone nearby. Other than being extremely time consuming, it’s quite dangerous. In this mission, our strategy shifted from a stealth only approach to one where we hunkered down and shot everyone regardless of noise. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

As soon as you begin, your objective is to gain access to the bunker network, but we’re going to do several other things before messing around with that. Immediately take out your binoculars and look to the southeast. You’ll see two soldiers huddled by a fire, and two more who eventually pass by on patrol. Once you have them all tagged, head down and pick them off one by one using your Welrod. Make sure to search their bodies, then head to a generator a few feet away.

Sabotage the generator, then take out your binoculars and look to the east. You should see a guard up in a tower with a searchlight. You can’t have that. Wait for your rifle shot to be masked, then shoot the guard in the head with your sniper rifle. Wait again for the generator to go haywire, then shoot out the searchlight as well. Continue looking down scope and you’ll eventually see a soldier head up the stairs. He shouldn’t see the body you left for him, but while you’re here, you might as well kill him too. Once you have the sound of the generator covering your shot, take out this guy.

Tip: We didn’t see this guy on our first play through, but he kept going up there on our second. If you don’t see him, just proceed with the mission.

Start heading east, staying behind the various boxes and barrels as you approach the trench in front of you. Wait for the soldier patrolling the bunker to turn his back, then sneak up behind and kill him with your Welrod.

Head back to the entrance of the sandbag bunker and look north to your objective. It should be about 240 meters away, and coming from that direction will be a four man patrol that can get fairly messy if things don’t go your way. They normally come from behind the nearby hanger, and they don’t show up often, so you might be waiting for a few minutes. The problem with these guys is that they pass by the fire pit where you killed your first four men, so taking them out is essential. Camp out until they wander by, then drop a grenade at the feet of the first three. Use your Welrod to pick up the straggler, then relocate if necessary. You might not have to, however, given that there shouldn’t be many people left alive in this area to be angry at you. When things settle down, make sure to search all the bodies for any goodies they may have dropped.

With the area now somewhat clear, head back to the generator and look east again. Use your binoculars to scope out the cliff on the other side of the airfield. Up there will be two snipers. These guys are trouble if they spot you, so tag each of them and take them out. Just

With the snipers down, you’re going to the tower to the east of the generator. The one with the searchlight and guard we took out earlier. Head that way, then go up the stairs to the first landing. If you have it, lay a Trip Mine or S-Mine there, then go all the way to the top. You can enter the sniper nest from here.

This is where things got out of control for us, but looking back it worked out better than we hoped. Rather than sneaking through this section of the map, just go crazy and shoot everyone within sight of your position in the tower. Start with the four or so guards below you to the east, then focus on the ones in the trenches to the northeast. When you can’t find anyone left alive in this area, clear the north and then clear the northwest. You can even use the nearby Panzerschreck to take out the 222 patrolling the runway. Yes, you will be spotted and shot at, but remember that you have the Trip Mine covering you, and your superior firing position will allow you to win this battle. By the time it’s all over, you should return to a clear status since nobody close by is alive to care. Even if you don’t, head out of the tower and relocate to take the heat off.

From the tower, look to the northeast. You should see the trenches and a couple of bright lights pointing up into the sky. That’s where you’re headed next. Climb down and work your way over there. When you drop down into the trench, look for an open door that has a radio operator inside. Sneak up on him and kill the radio operator to stop reinforcements. That’s optional objective one of four, though we’re not sure why he didn’t call for help when we were murdering all his pals. Not that we’re complaining.

Climb back out of the trench and head to the northeast, getting close to the mountain as you look east toward the back of the two hangers. This back area has several items of interest, along with a few soldiers that need to be dealt with. Start off by using your Welrod to take out any bad guys you see, then place a stick of Dynamite on the stationary 222 and shoot it to blow it up. This isn’t one of your objectives, but who needs a random vehicle hanging around to potentially cause trouble down the road?

At some point, you will receive an optional objective to destroy the bomb dump, of which there are three behind the hangers. We decided to do this by shooting the explosive barrels with our sniper rifle, waiting until our shot was masked by the aircraft overhead. If you prefer, feel free to toss some grenades and speed things along. As long as you destroy all three, you’ll complete the objective.

Stay behind the hangers and continue to head north. Once you pass the end of the last hanger, you’ll come upon another tower. Be careful, two guards patrol the ground and stairs, so take them out with your Welrod and then head up to the top. You’ll find an officer dozing off in his chair. Since the melee system gets wonky when enemies aren’t standing out in the open, just shoot this guy with your Welrod. This will complete your third optional objective called, kill all operators in the control tower.

Sneak back outside, but stay on the top level of the tower. Lay prone and look through the railing to the west and up in the cliffs. You should see two more snipers there. Tag them, then look to the southwest and at the trenches on the ground. There will be about four more soldiers there. Tag them as well.

Tip: It never hurts to leave a Trip Mine or S-Mine behind you. When things go wrong, those traps can keep you alive and in the fight. Think about putting one on the steps of this tower before you proceed.

First up, nail the four or so bad guys in and around the trenches to the southwest. They will likely hear you, but if you’re really concerned about that, just wait for the aircraft passing overhead to mask the sound of your rifle. When all four of them are down, turn your focus to the snipers on the cliff. Take them out in whatever order you want, again waiting for low flying planes to mask the shot. We got lucky here and pulled off the double kill. Sorry, we just had to brag.

You’re now headed to the southwest where you just took out those soldiers in and around the trenches. Once you’re there, go to marker on your screen and smash the control panel. Apparently, that’s how you unlock doors. This will also complete the objective asking you to gain access to the bunker network, as well as tell you to find the map to the Ratte Factory.


Tip: There are still about five guys hanging out on the west side of the map, just north of where you spawned. If you’re following our guide, you haven’t dealt with them yet, so think about doing this before you go any further. Follow the same formula we used throughout this entire mission and walkthrough. Wait for them to separate, then take them down one at a time using your Welrod. Be sure to search their bodies for any dropped goodies.

Remember all those doors that were sealed when you were passing through this mission’s many trenches? Well, they are all open now. As you’re exiting the room from where you accessed the control panel, head to the right, then turn left and follow the sandbags. Take your first left to enter the bunker.

It should be fairly quiet down there for the moment, but stay crouched and move from cover to cover. Very soon you will bump into six soldiers. They all separate, so pick them off one at a time using your Welrod and stealth takedowns, then hide the bodies so their friends don’t get wise. When the last one is down, search the bunker for the POWs, releasing them to complete the optional objective, release the prisoners. With the prisoners free, head to your primary objective (also in the bunker) and grab the map. This will knock find the map to the Ratte Factory off your to-do list.

Head up to the top level through any exit you wish. Be careful, though, you haven’t entered any of the four hangers on this map, and they do have bad guys inside. Try to avoid going into these, but if you emerge on the inside of one, just kill its occupants and continue on.

Tip: Before you head to a sniper nest, swap out your automatic weapon for a Panzerschreck. In fact, take as many rounds as you can… you’re going to need them. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in momentarily.

Your objective is to get to a sniper point to cover the LRDG. It won’t show up on your map, but we chose to go to the far southeast corner of the airfield (just east of the tower we entered at the beginning of this mission). Once you get close, you should see a sniper nest on a small cliff. Head up there to complete your current primary objective.

Tip: There are two ways into this nest. One to the north and one to the south. We had three Trip Mines and three S-Mines, and we laid all of them down. Don’t just cover the paths right beside you, set them up all around the area. When things go badly (not if), these will keep the bad guys from getting close to you.

Once you’re in position, your objective will update to protect the LDRG from the sniper nest. Go prone, and as soon as the action starts, shoot everyone and everything you see. If there are any unexploded barrels nearby, try going for those first. You’ll also see several enemies line up, giving you a perfect opportunity for the double kill. If anyone turns toward you, take them out to prevent them from attacking your position.

Tip: You can skip the X-Ray Kill Camera by pressing the button you use for interacting. As cool as it is, it does get old when you are shooting 25 people in a short period of time, and you are absolutely doing just that.

Once you complete your objective to protect the LRDG from the sniper nest, it will update to takedown all the German vehicles. There should only be two, and since you brought the Panzerschreck, it really shouldn’t be that difficult. Before you use it, though, look to the sniper nest to the west (the tower from the beginning of the mission). There might be a sniper in there who is quite serious about causing you harm. Take him out, then clean up any other soldiers in the area. Even if they hear and see you, there should be lots of cover to keep you safe, and you have your trusty Trip and S-Mines to keep them from getting behind you. We were actually attacked by several soldiers, none of whom were able to get past our traps.

Once everybody is dead, it will be time to focus your attention on the Panzer tank and 222 patrolling the airfield. The Panzer will take two Panzerschreck rockets to take down, so once it’s out of the way, head to the trenches below and grab some more. Wait for the 222 to come close, then take it out as well. This will complete the take down all German vehicles objective and move you along to your last, get to the evac point. There are no tricks here. Just run to the objective and the mission is over. This will unlock Demolition Man, a trophy and achievement for finishing Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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