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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Mission 6: Kasserine Pass – Destroy the Tiger Tank

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

Once you gain control, sneak forward until Brauer spots a target for you. Sneak up behind this enemy and put a Welrod round in his head. From here, look to your southeast where you’ll see a burning tank. Sneak that way and go into the cave.

Tip: Whether it’s a Trip Mine or S-Mine, consider leaving anti-personnel mines at the entrances to caves, and pathways that lead to snipers’ nests. If things go badly, it’s always a good idea to have a trap that will cover your six. Once you leave that location, go back and retrieve the mine if it’s still there.

Move through the cave until you reach a fork in the road. The fork to the right has a guard at the end. Take this guy out, search and hide the body, then lay a Trip Mine to make sure no curious enemies come to investigate. Backtrack into the cave and take the fork that goes northeast. There are at least two or three guards down here, so when you get close, toss a grenade to take them all out. If anyone is left, whip out your Welrod and finish them off. Be sure to loot the bodies for goodies.

When everybody in the cave is dead and you’re sure that nobody outside is wise to your shenanigans, double back to the path where you killed the stationary guard. Follow it until you emerge on the south side of the cave, then turn to your right. Watch out for enemy soldiers, but if you continue west from where you left the cave, you will see stairs. Climb those stairs to a rooftop, then jump across a gap and climb up a cliff. This is a great place to leave a Trip Mine so nobody can interrupt you while you work.

As you continue to climb the cliff, you’ll actually bump into a couple of guards hanging out up here. It’s hard to say exactly where they’ll be, but there are two of them, so use your Welrod to take them out of the equation.

Head through the cave (not all the way up to the sniper’s nest) until you come out on the north end where you’ll find some sandbags and the edge of a cliff. If you look to your north, you’ll see the first of two parts to the only optional objective in this mission, take out the Nebelwerfers. We waited for some time, but unfortunately didn’t have anything to mask the sound of our shot. Even so, take aim at a red barrel near the Nebelwerfer and shoot it to complete the first half of this objective. Even if your shot is heard, firing only one should keep you safe.

Tip: After destroying your first Nebelwerfer, there may be several enemies in the area alerted to trouble. Do not engage them. Just continue on with the mission and they’ll eventually wander off and go back on patrol.

Backtrack into the cave and head up to the sniper’s nest. Even though you’ve already put one Trip Mine down, put another one down for good measure. Can you ever have enough? From the sniper’s nest, if you look to the southwest, you’ll see the other half of your optional objective about 175 meters away. If you look directly south to the top of a blown out, light colored building, you’ll see a sniper. Wait for the sound of your shot to be masked, then take out the sniper. Adjust, look to the southwest, then shoot the red barrel near the artillery to blow it up and complete the last of your optional objectives, take out the Nebelwerfers.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to the infantry in the area. Seeing as how you have a nice vantage point, as well as the cover of the occasional overhead airplane, why not take out as many of these guys as you can. It might take some time, but tag them with your binoculars and pick them off one by one.

Climb down from your sniper’s nest and take the southeast tunnel, turning left when you emerge from the darkness into the open sky. Follow the road that leads north and down the mountain.

When you get to the bottom, your objective will be to the east, but you’re heading northeast to circle around and approach it from the side. To see exactly where you should be headed, take a look at the image above and then get to that location. From there, head south until you can move left and take up a position at the next sniper’s nest. If you’re not sure where the sniper’s nest is, look at the image above one more time. It’s between our current location on the map and your primary objective. Just be careful, as there are two guards who patrol this area.

There’s good news and bad news with this sniper’s nest. The good news is you can put some S-Mines and Trip Mines behind you to make sure nobody gets the drop on you. The bad news is it’s very difficult to avoid detection. In addition to several guards hanging out in the area, you also have Half-Track to worry about. Luckily, even if you are discovered, the sniper’s nest allows you to engage enemy targets from a superior position.

Wait for one of the guard’s to come close, then take him out with your Welrod. Where his body falls should be fairly safe. Next, wait for overhead activity to mask your shot, then take out the guard who patrols along the road. Continue to work your way through the enemy until they stop coming for you. As for the Half-Track, two bullets in the vulnerable point at the back will take it out with no trouble. This area wasn’t one for finesse, but follow our tips and you should get through it in one piece.

Tip: You may or may not have a truck full of enemy reinforcements inbound. We were heard during the last part and they showed up. If you have the same problem, put two bullets in the engine before the bad guys unload. This multi-kill should take them out before they scatter.

You’re now headed to your primary objective. If you were heard in the last sniper’s nest, chances are there’s nobody around to care. If you were sneaky, you’ll have a couple of guards to deal with. This one is a job for your Welrod. Either way, when it’s all clear, it’s time to set some traps, not head inside.

Hopefully you’ve been picking up your unused Trip Mines and S-Mines. There are three doorways to your objective. Put a trap in each one. Next, take your regular old Land Mines and head out to the main road in front of the objective building. Go about 50 meters to the south and put two Land Mines set about 15 meters apart (north to south) in the middle of the road. When you’re done, head into the building to complete your primary objective to infiltrate Vahlen’s HQ. On the table in the middle of the room are some documents. Pick these up to complete your next objective, find clue to location of safe combination.

Tip: Loot the entire room. There are a few goodies sitting around in ammunition crates in the back left corner of the building.

When you exit the building, your objective will be about 175 meters to the southwest. Take the road that goes south, sticking close to the mountain until you can turn right and go up a ramp. Take the ramp north until you’re at the top of this mountain. Once up there, kill everyone you see. Make sure to do it quietly so nobody else comes running. Also, let’s call this place Waypoint Prima so when we refer to it in a few minutes, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Waypoint Prima should overlook the building you were just in a few moments ago.

From Waypoint Prima, head southwest until you can climb down the mountain via a series of large steps. When you get to the bottom, keep taking the road west and then turn left and enter a cave. Your primary target moves, but he should be about 70 meters away, give or take 15 meters based on his patrol route. If you have any anti-personnel mines left, use them to cover the entrance to the cave.

Follow the cave until a tunnel branches off and heads south. That’s the one you want. Sneak to the door, then wait for a chance to sneak across the road and take it. This is tricky but not impossible. If you’re having trouble, try using your Welrod to take out one of the guards when they’re isolated. Whatever you do, don’t cross the road until the sniper turns his back to you.

Once you reach the other side of the road, go around back of the building that has the sniper on the roof. Climb up the ladder, stopping just before the top. When he’s not looking, go put a knife in the sniper’s back, then use your binoculars to tag the remaining guards in the area. Now it’s time to climb back down and deal with the leftovers.

Once you’re back on the ground, start singling out, then taking down guards. Use your Welrod and stealth takedowns, leaving your primary objective until last. When it’s just you and him, take him out, then search his body to find what you’re looking for. This will complete the get combination for the safe objective. From this point, run to the northwest and regroup with Brauer who is about 100 meters away.

It’s never the end with Sniper Elite 3, is it? Once you meet up with Brauer, it’s time to destroy the Tiger. To do this, simply hide behind a building and wait for it to pass. Once it does, peek out and shoot it in the back four times. Make sure to aim for the vulnerable point. If you’re not sure where that is, have a look at the image above for a hint. Once the tank explodes, get ready to take a few stragglers down as they jump from the armored beast. A well-placed grenade works nicely here if they don’t die in the initial blast.

Your objective will soon update to overcome the temple defenders. Remember Waypoint Prima? Well, it’s time you head there right now. Since each player could have ended up in a different position while fighting the Tiger, you’re on your own to get there. It shouldn’t be too hard since we told you exactly where it is above. If you’re near where you met up with Brauer, head east and climb up the same steps you took to get down in the first place.

Remember those Land Mines, Trip Mines and S-Mines that you placed all around the main building awhile back? If you’re lucky, you should start to get some kill notifications as you make your way to Waypoint Prima. When you arrive, look out over the cliff to the road and building. The place will be crawling with bad guys. That is, unless you got really lucky and they all died in their vehicles. If there are any left, however, let your anti-personal mines take care of a few of them as they try to patrol in and out of the building. Whoever is left, smoke them with your sniper rifle. Even if you’re heard, just kill them all as fast as you can.

Once you’re informed that you have overcome the temple defenders, your new objective will be to open safe. Since everybody is dead, work on your cardio a little bit and jog to the marker on your screen. Once you’re done, it’s time to retrieve Brauer’s body.

But wait… there’s more. As you go to exit the temple, a cut scene will show you some snipers closing in on your position. From the door of the temple you should see one to the west and another to the northwest. Your objective, on the other hand, is more to the southwest. Take out the two snipers and head out to collect Brauer. As you get close, start looking for two more snipers. We found one in the building that Brauer died on, then one more to the northwest of that location.

The good news is that when all four snipers are down and you’ve reached the marker, you will complete the objective, retrieve Brauer’s body and finish the mission. This will also unlock Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte, a trophy and achievement for completing Mission 6: Kasserine Pass.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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