Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

Sniper Elite 3 has the perfect balance of collectibles and secrets. There aren't so many that it feels like an impossible task to complete them all, yet at the same time, they offer some optional variety. We already showed you how to Complete All Long shots, and today we're going to dive into the game's 20 Collectible Card locations. Once you have them all, you'll unlock The Gathering trophy and achievement.

Mission 1: Tobruk

You'll find these Collectible Cards in the far northeast part of the map, close to one of your primary objectives to destroy the Nebelwerfers or eliminate the crew. They're in the guard tower, sitting on a box near the radio.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

Directly to the south of the optional objective to disable the searchlight. The Collectible Cards are on the ground level, tucked into a hole in the wall not far from a well. Across the road will be a series of tents. The cards are about 70 meters away from the searchlight, give or take a few meters.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

From the Sniper Nest where you get the optional objective to disrupt communications, look to the west where you'll see a two story building with a large bag propping the front door open. Go through the front door, then out the back window. Look to your left and you'll see the Collectible Cards sitting on a table at the bottom of some stairs.

There's a Sniper Nest on the west side of the map that is about 150 meters (give or take) from the west most primary objective. From that nest, there is a building to the northwest, just a few feet from the bottom of the ladder. You'll find the Collectible Cards in that building on a table.

To the southeast of the most northern primary objective will be three guards. Two of them are among some trucks while the other one is across the road. Behind those trucks and laying on a table are the final Collectible Cards for this mission. They are also close to a tunnel dug into the mountain.

Mission 4: Fort Rifugio

To the north of the Sniper Nest closest to your spawn will be a camp fire with four tents to the left of it. If you go to the northeast tent, you'll find the Collectible Cards sitting on a table at the back. Be careful of the numerous guards that patrol this area.

On the far west side of the map will be a Sniper Nest. To the southeast of that nest is a large rock, a pathway and then another rock on the other side of that path. You'll find the Collectible Cards in one of two tents that sit at the base of a tower, approximately 115 meters to the southwest of your first primary objective.

Once you're inside the Fort, you'll see some spiral stairs at the northeast corner of the courtyard. Go up the stairs and take the only door on your right. In that room you'll find some ammunition. The Collectible Cards are sitting on a table by an open notebook.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

There is only one set of Collectible Cards in this mission, and they are just to the west of your primary objective to search Vahlen's office. You'll find them through a ground level door, at the back of a room that also contains a box of ammunition.

Mission 6: Kasserine Pass

At the very north part of the map will be an optional objective to take out a Nebelwerfer. To the south of the Nebelwerfer will be two small buildings, one of which has a round dome on the top. You want the other building just a bit further to the south. You'll find the Collectible Cards inside, sitting on a wooden crate at the back.

Close to your objective to regroup with Brauer will be a large building with the top blown out. To the northeast of that building will be a one story structure, and inside, laying on a crate will be a set of Collectible Cards.

Remember the large, blown out structure we spoke about just a moment ago? The one that Brauer was in? If you look to the south of that you'll see another one story building. Go inside and find the Collectible Cards sitting on a desk with a lamp next to them.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

On the east side of the map, not too far from where you spawn will be several different fire pits. The Collectible Cards will be on a wooden box next to the burning barrel. Be careful, this area is crawling with soldiers.

On the south side of the map will be some trenches that contain the optional objective to kill the radio operator to stop reinforcements. Once you kill him, exit the bunker and turn right, heading east and into the mountains. You'll find the Collectible Cards next to a burning torch, laying on a rock by a sniper rifle that you can pick up.

About 30 meters east of the optional objective to destroy the bomb dumps will be three tents. You'll find the Collectible Cards at the back of the middle tent, sitting on a wooden box. This is another area that is crawling with bad guys. Think about taking them out before you go for this one.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory

In the same room as your very first Sniper Nest of this mission. At the north end of the first floor, behind some shelves, you'll find the first of five Collectible Cards for the final mission of the game. There are only two bad guys that patrol this room, so snagging them shouldn't be too difficult.

In the middle of the factory, about 75 meters to the southwest of your primary objective to destroy the power transformers on each level, you’ll find the Collectible Cards sitting on the floor below the catwalk that runs along the wall.

Across from your primary objective to destroy the power transformers on each level will be an area crawling with German soldiers. It will be northwest from the point of your objective marker. The Collectible Cards are on a catwalk about 40 meters away from the second part of your primary objective.

To the northeast of the large Ratte tank, you'll see a machine spewing flames. Go up the stairs to the right of that machine when you're facing it. Turn right, then go up a second set of stairs, then a third set close by. The Collectible Cards are laying on the catwalk at the top of the third set of stairs. The Ratte will be to your southwest when you're at the cards.

After meeting Vahlen and taking the elevator ride down, you'll have four parts to a primary objective to set charges on the support pillars around the Ratte. The Collectible Cards are laying on the ground about 15 meters to the east of the pillar in the southwest corner of the room. This will be all 20 Collectible Cards, and will unlock a trophy and achievement called The Gathering.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough