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Silent Hills PT Complete Guide and Walkthrough

by Prima Games Staff

Whether you call it Silent Hills PT or PT Silent Hills, we can all agree on one thing: Kojima Productions’ free PS4 teaser is goose bumps on the back of the neck and scream out loud scary. Although it takes place within a connected hallway and bathroom (one of the smallest video game environments in history), the developers pack several frightening moments into essentially a 30-minute demo. Suffice to say, if this represents a fraction of Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming game, we’re in for a treat. 

Of course, we still have a ways to go before Silent Hills is available on presumably multiple consoles and PC. For now there’s PT and you might have trouble beating it. No worries. We’ll help you find all six pieces to the mysterious picture, get the flashlight and make it out of this twisted with your sanity intact. 

Before starting the walkthrough, keep this in mind: Although we have a great idea of the steps needed to beat Silent Hills PT, these are the methods that worked best for us. You may have a somewhat different experience. You may even complete it in fewer loops; we probably should have beaten the demo in 14 loops instead of 15. 

Now for some Silent Hills PT tips: 

  • First thing’s first, put on subtitles in your preferred language. It makes the audio broadcasts over the radio easier to digest, and you’ll be able to read text written on walls and pictures.
  • The ghost, Lisa, cannot hurt/grab/eat you when looking away from her. Stand still until the creepy music, laughing and/or heavy breathing stops. Then you can proceed through the game.
  • You don’t need the flashlight to find all six missing pieces. In fact, you can find them early in the demo with minimal lighting. 
  • If you see the ghost outside behind the barred window, breathe easy. She won’t be able to get you. See? The bars work!

Silent Hills PT Walkthrough

Hallway Loop 1 

You begin the Silent Hills PT demo on a cold-looking cement floor. Make note of the cockroach on the left side of the screen. Watch it walk across your field of vision and you’ll see something strange. It is in fact two very much alive cockroaches attached end-to-end. Remember it, because the insects appear later. 

As soon as you’re able, walk towards the door. No need to press a button to open it. 

As you proceed down the long hallway, make note of the digital clock on the right. Face the clock and check out the incomplete image of the woman hanging on the wall. You must find six pieces to make it whole, but you can’t do this now. 

There’s little to do here aside from exploring. Round the corner, check your surroundings and make it past the radio and front door. You’ll see an open door with steps leading down. Take those steps and proceed through the next door to re-enter the same hallway, or so it seems. 

Hallway Loop 2 

Not much to see here. Everything seems exactly the same. Well, except that the aforementioned picture is on the ground. There’s nothing you can do about it. Just stand over it and press R3 on the DualShock 4 to examine it closer. 

Tip: There are cockroaches all over the place, but be on the lookout for the fused bugs you first encountered at the beginning of the demo. We ran into them near the still locked bathroom door, and they led us to the picture on the floor. This is the last time we saw them. 

All done here. Time to round the corner and walk down the stairs. 

Hallway Loop 3 

We did not encounter anything out of the ordinary, and simply walked down the first hallway, rounded the corner and made a beeline towards the steps. This is why we probably should have beaten PT in 14 hallway loops.

Hallway Loop 4

The bathroom is the first door on your right that you pass after rounding the corner into the second bit of hallway. It was locked before, and maybe you heard strange noises behind it. This time, it’s ajar, but you cannot enter. Peek inside and press R3 to zoom. Hold it long enough for a scary surprise. Afterwards, travel down the stairs into the next loop of hallway. 

Hallway Loop 5 

This is the first time we noticed the missing picture pieces scattered around the hallway. Don’t stumble around. Here are their locations in no particular order. You must look at a piece and click R3 (zoom in) to collect it. 

Piece 1: Stand in front of the digital clock and look at the floor. The picture piece is on the ground to the left. 

Piece 2: Now look right towards the tall plant. The piece is on the floor, possibly within two overlapped leaves. 

Piece 3: Proceed down the hallway and make note of the dresser containing the phone, some loose chocolates and pictures. Look on the ground and you’ll see a teddy bear. This piece is in the left corner beneath the window. 

Piece 4: Head down the next section of hallway. As soon as you pass the bathroom door and the first horizontal beam, turn around and look up towards the left. 

Piece 5: Go down the stairs that lead into the next loop of hallway, but don’t go through the door. Get to the bottom of the stairs, turn around and look for the image piece on one of the steps on the left. 

Piece 6: Pause Silent Hills PT by pressing Options, then R3. You’ll collect the final piece automatically. 

With all pieces collected, you can go backwards and check out the now complete image of a blonde woman. Click R3 to read the following message: 

My voice, can you hear it!

This sign, can you read it?

I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me. 

Hallway Loop 6

This is the first time that you’re able to enter the bathroom. Not only will you obtain the flashlight, but you’ll meet the creepy fetus in the sink. Enjoy.

Hallway Loop 7 

Head to the dresser with the radio and look at what seems like a wedding photo. Press X to poke a hole right through the woman’s head. 

Hallway Loop 8 

As you round the corner and walk past the bathroom, a piece of glass falls to the left and breaks all over the floor. Walk into the hallway and immediately look up towards the second floor. Go ahead, look. We dare you. Just make sure you do it quickly. 

Hallway Loop 9

There’s a rather large refrigerator in the main hallway and it’s dripping blood onto the floor. Stand directly underneath the blood for a cool visual effect. Yes, we’re sick. 

Hallway Loop 10 

That same refrigerator is going crazy and the fetus is crying. You also have some puzzle solving to do.

Near the front door is an incomplete sentence written on the wall. To complete it, head back towards the phone and make note of the HELLO! written on the wall perpendicular to it.

You basically want to look away from the HELLO! and back at it four times, so that the letters H-E-L-L are no longer visible. If you make the O! vanish you went too far and will have to reset the puzzle by heading down the stairs and through the door. 

With H-E-L-L no longer there, go back to the message and click R3. 

It reads: I can hear them calling me from Hell 

Horrifying, we know. OK, go down the steps.

Hallway Loop 11 

There’s a scary radio broadcast, and the person talking keeps repeating the numbers 204863. What does it mean? Well, Hideo Kojima’s birthday is August 24, 1963. Written another way, 082463, or 240863. We expect some sort of Silent Hills announcement on his birthday. 

Hallway Loop 12 

Without question the weirdest part of the game. Not only can you run fast, but there are images of eyeballs (moving eyeballs) hanging on the walls. It sort of reminds us of the freaky dream sequence from Max Payne.

Basically, you need to press forward until you find an eyeball picture on the floor. Look up at the wall and you’ll see a peephole leading into the bathroom. Press and hold R3 to peer into the bathroom and witness gruesome audio; continue holding R3 until the scene concludes. After that is over, No turning back appears above the peephole. Go around the corner and into the bathroom, then look at the now talking fetus. Adorable, right? 

There’s a rumor that you’ll die if you go back the way you came, but it isn’t true. Just push forward until you go down the stairs into the next hallway loop. 

Hallway Loop 13 

Your perspective is somewhat screwy, almost like you’re viewing Silent Hills PT through a camera lense.  You’ll also encounter those numbers, 204863 again. 

Hallway Loop 14

The game sort of resets itself. First there was a bizarre splash screen in multiple languages that was different each time we completed Silent Hills PT. From there, we woke up in the initial room on the floor, with two noticeable differences. 

  • There’s no double cockroach. 
  • In one of the corners is a table. Move towards it and check out the bloody bag, which may or may not move. We think the fetus is inside.

Hallway Loop 15 

This is it, the end of Silent Hills PT. It also marks the final showdown with Lisa, who more than likely gave you some chills along the way. Look at the digital clock. It goes from 23:59 to 0:00.

What you want to do is get the fetus to laugh three times. The first is easy enough. After the clock strikes 0:00, walk roughly 10 steps to trigger the initial giggle. 

The ghost lady materializes in what appears to be very deliberate spots, and you want to get close enough to her that you see or hear her, but not too close. Otherwise she’ll possess your character and you may have to walk down the stairs and through the door to essentially reset the puzzle and start over; a colleague insists you can beat P.T. after being possessed. 

The idea here is to wait for the music and creepy breathing or laughing to start and go looking for her. Yes, look for her; I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me. She might be near the radio, phone or you’ll hear her in the bathroom. When you locate the source of the noise, look at that object (be it bathroom, mirror or phone) and continue looking until she’s gone. Then walk around and the fetus should laugh again. 

Note: Some gamers insist you have to make noise through a headset to achieve the second laugh. We cannot confirm this, although we did make constant noise while playing, so perhaps there is truth to this. Experiment and see if it works for you.

Once you achieve the second laugh the controller starts to vibrate. Immediately stop moving until the vibrations stop. If done correctly the fetus will laugh a third time and the phone should ring. Now all you have to do is walk towards the phone, click R3 and you’re done. The Silent Hills teaser trailer should play. 

Did you beat Silent Hills PT a different way? Let us know! 

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