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Inside Game Walkthrough – The Depths

by Bryan Dawson

Open the hatch and move inside the submarine and move all the way down to the bottom. Once you reach the lowest level, move to the right and through the open hatch. Press A to burst down through the wooden boards at the bottom of the next room. Now move as far right as you can go and drop down until you see cracks in the wall where you can use the A button to burst through.

Move through the next opening in the lower right corner of the area then continue to the far right. When you reach the next wall, slam into the cracks to reveal a mesh of wire blocking your path. You can’t fit the submarine through, but you can move through as just the boy. Move up to the top of the area to get out of the water, then climb out of the sub and dive down to move through the opening.

Swim to the far right and climb up the lockers at the end. From the top of the lockers jump left to reach the hanging rope. Climb up to the top to reach the floor above, then move right to find a button. Before you press the button, be warned that it opens the door to the right and several large metal barrels roll out. If you don’t move immediately to the left and jump in the water, the barrels will crush you.

Head back up the rope and through the newly opened doorway to the right. Jump on top of the small yellow box ahead and interact with it to pull the cord on top. This causes the box to move up after a short delay. When it reaches the top, jump to the wooden beam to the left. Run left and jump over to the hanging rope, then through the opening to the left to drop into the top portion of the previous room.

Press the button to the left to open the large door, then drop down into the water below and swim back through the cracks in the wall. Get into the submarine and boost up into the air and through the hole to the right. Dive underwater in the submarine and boost through the red doorway in the lower right. Drop down to the lower level and stay close to the left wall to find a large box on the floor. Move to the right side of the box and charge into it to knock the box to the left and reveal an hole below.

Dive through the hole and make your way to the left to find a ladder at the top of the water. Get out of the sub and climb up the ladder, then access the light fixture to take control of the humanoid. Move the humanoid down to the top of the submarine, then remove yourself from the fixture and get inside the sub. Move the sub to the right until you’re directly below the second light fixture, then boost upward to attach the humanoid to the second fixture.

Go back and attach yourself to the first light fixture and you will now have control of a second humanoid on the catwalk in the background. Move him left to the secret orb on the catwalk and pull the rod out of the orb. You can now get back into the sub and head right to go back up into the previous room.

In the upper right corner there’s another latch you can push open to get into the adjacent room. Move the sub to the far right side of this room, then head up to the surface and exit the sub. Swim back to the left wall and dive down to press the red button and lower the water level. Now swim back over to the sub and boost through the newly opened hatch on the far right wall.

Dive down to boost through the next opening to the right, then keep moving right. In this room there’s another child-like creature swimming in the water. Continue moving right, but keep your light on the child so he doesn’t get too close. When you move through the next hatch, make sure the child is to the left of the sub and keep the light on him to make sure he stays in the preview room. With the child on the left side of the hatch you just came through boost into the red door above the hatch (on the right side) to close it and seal the child in the previous room.

Now you can boost through the yellow boards on the ceiling of the room. Move up to the surface of the room above and head to the left wall to find a ladder surrounded by a steam structure. Boost up to slam the submarine into the steel structure and destroy it. This may take two or three boosts depending on your accuracy. Once the structure has been destroyed you can climb on top of the sub and jump up to the platform and eventually up to the ladder.

Climb up the ladder and head left to find another secret orb. Pull out the rod, then head back down to the submarine (just drop into the water) and head to the beach on the far right. Exit the submarine and move right, forcing open the doors on the far side. This leads into the Mines.

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