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Outlast 2 Find the Power Switches, Escape the Mine – Walkthrough Part 12

by Josh Hawkins

Blake Langermann has lived through a nightmare on his journey to find and save his wife Lynn. After barely escaping the Scalled and finally making it to the mines, Blake runs into the Others, who have kidnapped Lynn and taken her hostage to give birth to their Lord. In this article we’ll show you how to make it to the top of the mine, escape Val, and turn off the power so that you can find Lynn and make it out alive in Outlast 2.

Make it to the Top of the Mine

After escaping the monster in the last hallucination, you find yourself in a locked room. You can use the cart in the room to climb over the hole in the top, above the door. Once you’re in the next room, look for the bandage on the table, and then head down the stairs and through the crawl area at the bottom. Another chase sequence triggers here, so keep pushing forward, using any means you can to progress onward.

After you crawl and shimmy through a couple of areas, look for a metal door that you can slide open, and then use the cart inside to reach a ledge above you. Don’t worry too much about the noises around you, as it’s all just for atmosphere. One you crawl through the hole using the cart, take off running up the stairs to the left, then head down the ramp, and then back up the stairs. This may sound confusing in text, but there’s only one way forward, so don’t stress too much about getting lost.

Your overall goal in this sequence is to make it upstairs, so keep doing this until you fall down and are back in the school.

After dropping Jessica’s body, take off running and look for an open bathroom. Hide in the stall, and then wait for a few seconds before the monster appears. At this point, just run down the hall, away from the monster, and back up the stairs where you found Jessica. There’s a door at the top that you can enter, so head through it and keep looking for open doors that you can leave through.

Eventually you’ll reach a classroom with a hangman game on a desk in the center. Climb out the window and you’ll be back in the real world.

Shimmy around the ledge until you can drop onto a boardwalk. Follow the walkway along, and jump over to another one, which leads you to another window that you can climb into. Head inside, and then look for a minecart that you can push out of the way.

Grab the battery in this area, then slide down the shaft that you just opened up. Some enemies will drop down near you, so head up the stone ramp and make your way up until you reach a ledge you can jump up to. Keep pushing forward, up towards the roof of the mines., like the previous areas, your main goal is to go up.

At the top you’ll slam the door down and lock it. Activate the elevator at the end of the track, and wait for it to arrive. Several enemies will be on it and another chase sequence triggers. Head back away from the elevator and make your way through the barriers and stairways you find. Then, head back over to the elevator and activate it to continue down safely.

You’re safe from the creatures for the time being, but the elevator isn’t that stable, and it collapses. At the bottom, head out of the doorway, and shimmy around the elevator to reach the mines themselves.

Find Lynn

Now that you’re in the mines, it’s time to find Lynn and escape this nightmare once and for all. This area is pretty self-explanatory, as there is only really one way to go forward, so just follow the tracks and explore any nooks you find for additional batteries, documents, and bandages.

Aside from exploring, keep following the tracks until you find a dead end with rubble blocking the way. There’s a ladder you can crawl down to go deeper, so head down it, and then follow the tunnel with branches along its side. Rubble will fall to block your way, so just continue down the tunnel to the right, and keep moving forward until you reach a lit-up area on the left. There’s a crawl area here that you can explore for a battery, and then jump up onto a rock overhead to make it into another section of the mines.

Keep moving forward through the tunnels until you reach a locked door. Unlock it, and then look to the right to see an enemy drop down in front of you. There’s a crawl area you can head through to the right, so use it to avoid the enemy and make it through to another tunnel beyond that area. Head to the left from here, and move down the tunnel to another door. Open it up, and then follow the tracks on the right, as they will lead you down further into the mines.

Make a break for it from here, and keep following the tracks until you reach a tunnel with several bodies strewn along the walls. Record this, then watch out for the enemies that jump out just up the tunnel. Take off running back the way you came, and head through the door on the right. Use the hiding areas and other things to move past the enemies, and when the way is clear, run back down the path to where you found the.

At a divide in the tracks, head to the right and hide in the room at the bottom if you need to. Otherwise, pull the cart on the left track back, and then activate the lever on your right to allow you to push it down the right track and open up the way forward. Crawl under the debris blocking the track, and then keep following the track to a dead end. Look down on the left and you’ll spot an area that you can crawl through.

Crawl through the small space and out to the other side. Once there, head down the steps to the bottom where you’ll find a statue that you can record with your camera. Capture it, then head around it and continue down the path. Take the tunnel on the left, and shimmy through the rocks, then drop down to the next area. At this point you’ll be taken by the others, and brought to Val.

Turn Off the Power Switches

After a bit of dialogue, you regain control of Blake. Head up the rocks into a tunnel full of light, and keep following it. Eventually it will lead you to a dead end of rubble, and you’ll need to shimmy through a small area to continue. Do so, then keep moving forward. There’s really only way that you can progress, so just keep moving, and back track if you run into a dead end. The easiest thing to do is follow the light around.

AT one point, Val will start to look for you. Hide, and use the area that she comes into to stay out of sight. The way forward can only be opened by deactivating several power switches in the immediate area. Follow the lines on the ceiling to locate them, just be wary that Val doesn’t spot you.

The first switch is found directly across from where Val enters the area. The second switch is found through the tunnel that Val enters from. Head inside and look for some wooden planks enclosing a small area. The switch is inside this area. Once both switches are turned off, head through the area that was blocked and make your way through the tunnel.

Find Lynn

Eventually you should run into a minecart that you can push out of the way. Push it just enough to get by it, then head down and activate the track change lever at a track divide. Now, pull the cart back some and get then get it going really fast and let it go. This will cause it to break through some debris blocking your way forward.

From here, just keep moving forward to find a ladder that you can climb down. Head to the bottom and you’ll fall off. Follow the tunnel, and Val will jump down again. Crawl through a small area of rock to escape her, and then keep running and crawling away from her. This will eventually lead you through to another tunnel.

Take off down the tunnel and follow it along, using any means necessary to get through any debris you reach. After a little bit you’ll fall through a hole, as the plank under you will snap. Head through the water, and enemies will give chase. Just keep moving forward, towards a fire that will lead you to a path up the side of the area. Continue following it along to reach another pool of water with a ladder.

Follow the ladder to the top, and ten make your way down another tunnel. You’ll reach another set of ladders, which you can use to move higher in the mines. Drop onto a beam, and balance your way across it until you reach a ledge you can climb onto. From here, just to the next ledge above you, and climb back up to the tracks.

Follow the tracks to a pile of rubble, and head up the rubble and down a natural tunnel until you reach a hill that you can slide down.

At this point the end of the game begins, and from here on out things are pretty self-explanatory. We won’t ruin it for you, though, so just play through and see how it ends. Once you’ve finished the game, be sure to check out our Outlast 2 ending explained guide, as well as our Outlast 2 story explained guide. These articles will help you get a better grasp of what you’ve just witnessed.

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