If you're a fan of Telltale Games or Mojang, Minecraft: Story Mode is a match made in heaven. In this original adventure, you guide a hero named Jesse (either male or female) as he/she attempts to meet the legendary Order of the Stone, in the hopes of stopping a deadly evil from overtaking the world.

We'll cover each episode in detail, but let's start with a walkthrough for Episode 1: The Order of the Stone. Keep in mind certain gameplay elements can change depending on which choices you make.

After learning about the history of the Order of the Stone, you'll be put into the shoes of Jesse as he/she prepares to attend the Endercon event. Tagging along for the ride is Olivia, a friendly cohort. You'll go through a few questions related to your pet pig Ruben and large-sized zombies, collect necessary tools for your journey (including putting together a wooden sword, shears, flint and steel) and then make your way through the trap door.

From there, you'll walk with Olivia and another friend, Axel, as you discuss the event. You'll be asked to choose what kind of display you want to make (it's your call), then complete a few quick-time events (button and joystick prompts) to gather supplies with Jesse.

You'll then arrive at Endercon with your team, talking with one of the rival squads there. You'll enter your team name (choose what you wish – the Blockheads, perhaps?) and then head in. You'll want to make your way to Booth 5, where a rival team appears. Talk back and forth for a bit, then you'll run into two more teammates, Lucas and Petra, before going to work on the display through some more quick-time events.

Once the display is almost finished, a rival teammate will have a lava-based block, which will cause Ruben to catch on fire as you keep the display from harm. You can choose whether to look for Ruben on your own or with a group, then head into three particular sections become coming across a cave.

You'll go through the cave and look in the shrubs to find Ruben, but then come across a few zombies. Use your wooden sword to fight them off, three enemies in all.

Petra will return and you'll be able to chat with her as you head to another nearby cave. Here, she'll provide you with the tools to build a stone sword. Lay them out in the formation of a sword (two cobblestones on the top two middle squares, stick on the bottom middle square) and then forge the sword. From there, you'll go over a bridge and put the sword to good use as you battle against a few enemies. You can fight them or choose to jump off the bridge, but either way you'll go off the bridge, leading to the next chapter.

You'll wind up back at Endercon with Petra, meeting back up with your friends and giving them a bit of dialogue. Go into a nearby alley to meet with a trader, while Petra runs off. You'll initiate a trade, but he'll rip you off and a chase will ensue.

After that, you'll be able to explore the convention, with a number of booths and people to talk to, including the Usher, Lukas and more. Find Alex, Aiden and some lady that could be confused with Ivor (she's easy to spot), and you'll be able to come across a butcher holding onto Ruben. You can provide a number of dialogue choices to free him, but threatening is your best bet. Ruben will be freed and you can continue.

Find Olivia and you'll spot Ivor again. However, you need to get past the Usher, so break the class holding the chickens to your left. You'll also need to confer with the slime lady to get eight pieces of slime, and then Lukas for the ninth piece. You can use the slime block (on a craft table) to break the glass and scare the Usher away, getting past him into the hall.

You'll be able to tail Ivor down into a library. Find the switch by the corner and you'll set up a hidden area. Look behind the wall for a machine that has the ingredients needed for a Wither. Watch for Ivor, as he can summon a Golem if he sees you. Once you're done, go to the main hall and you'll discuss getting the help of Gabriel, and maybe going back for Lukas, who is still in the library.

Ivor will appear either way and summon the Wither using a portion. You'll want to tail Gabriel as he guides you to safety into a nearby temple. The quick-time events should be relatively easy to follow.

Be sure to avoid the purple rays, as they'll stop you in your tracks. Hitting the right quick-time commands will lead you to a portal, which you'll be able to enter.

Now you're in the world of the Nether, but you can't go back. Ivor vanishes before you can do something to him. Have a bit of dialogue with your characters, then keep an eye out for the Ghast. Run when it appears. You'll be able to jump into a mine cart and speed away from it.

Follow the quick-time events to get past the walls and deal with a few enemies. Once you're done, you can go through another portal and reunite with your friends. You'll have to decide whether you go first, or if Axel goes first. Your call.

There will be a mob waiting either way, so use your sword to finish them off. They could be either Creepers or Zombies depending on your choice, so prepare for a fight. Once you're done, you can choose to either build a tree house or a hut to camp out.

You'll talk some more with your friends, and then Axel will serve cookies. You can choose to keep yours for yourself or give it to Lukas. The two of them will fight (either way) afterwards, and you can choose to either take Lukas' side or get Axel's back. They'll remember your decision either way. It's best if Lukas stays with you, though, so side with him.

After sleeping off the argument, everyone sets out to get to the temple, and that will kick off the final chapter of the episode.

From here, look for the opportunity to build a bow in the temple, placing a stick in the top middle square, as well as the left and bottom middle squares. String will need to be put on the right blocks (all of them), a flint in the top middle block, a stick in the very center and a feather on the bottom middle square. You'll use this to stop incoming arrows. You can build a fishing rod as well if you wish, but a bow is more practical at this point.

Go back to the library and you'll find a book to explain that Ivor was part of the legendary hero team. Head upstairs and you'll be able to enter another portion of the temple.

The amulet you've been carrying can be put on the pedestal, and then you can find five switches on the back wall. Hit the first, third and fifth (leaving the second and fourth alone) and you'll turn on the light that shows on your map where the other two legendary heroes are located.

One more conversation and the episode will conclude. However, you'll need to choose wisely between Magnus and Ellegaard. Keep in mind this can change who you go with. Choosing Magnus will have Olivia leave while you stick with Axel, and Olivia will stay (with Axel departing) if you choose Ellegaard. It depends who you prefer in your party.

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