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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 05 – Over the Fence

by Prima Games Staff

This will guide you through Chapter 1 – Episode 5: Over the Fence in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.  Although we chose to clear the camp of enemies ahead of time, we will still help you escape undetected after completing the main objective.

It is best to use the landing zone to the south. We happened to use the east landing zone, and in hindsight found the southern LZ to be the better option. Consult your iDROID to locate a large structure at the north end of the camp. Your goal is to rescue the target from this building, and we found the southern landing zone provides the path of least resistance. 

Begin by heading north from the southern landing zone.  Continue until you spot several small guard posts.  Stealthily take out a few of the enemy soldiers, making sure to spare a few for interrogation. Select a couple of the enemy soldiers and interrogate them about the locations of their comrades. This should help you gain information on the target’s whereabouts, as well as give you a general impression of where various soldiers are stationed. 

Continue to head north by moving along the west side of the camp. Keep an eye out for a large gun at the top of a hill, as well as a shipping container further ahead.  Locate a fence line nearby that will lead you straight to the building where the target is located. Prepare to encounter several soldiers patrolling around the structure, with at least one guard soldier at the top. Some of these soldiers are scheduled to pass through the target building as well, so use your iDROID to mark as many enemy soldiers as possible to keep tabs on their movements. 

Find a way to carefully sneak past the guards and into the building.  Inside, you should be able to find several hiding spots you can use to take cover, or hide bodies of soldiers you’ve taken down. Be sure to get rid of the soldier stationed on the roof, as you will need this area clear for extracting the target later on. Remember to explore the building once you finish clearing out the soldiers patrolling the area. You may find valuable resources or materials required for upgrading Mother Base later on, so be sure to loot what you can. 

Proceed by picking the lock on the cell door of the target. Hoist him onto your back and carry him up the stairs to the rooftop for extraction. Attach the Fulton Recovery Device to your target, lifting him away to Mother Base. This completes your objective and concludes the mission.

From here, you are free to do as you wish. There is another prisoner you can extract from a hilltop to the south that overlooks the camp. You can also opt to loot the other buildings in the area to gather valuable materials, perhaps interrogating or killing more enemies along the way. If you wish to return to Mother Base or begin a new mission, exit the area by backtracking along the path you came from and prepare for extraction. Call in the helicopter when you are near the landing zone, and once you’re aboard, you can decide where you’d like to go next. 

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