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The Last of Us Remastered – All Weapon Locations

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Remastered – All Weapon Locations

There’s an awful lot of combat in The Last of Us Remastered, and it takes on many different forms, each of which players will find challenging in its own way. Things are made easier if you have the right tool for the job, and that’s where we come in.

As Joel and Ellie make their way to Salt Lake City, players will have an opportunity to pick up some nifty tools of destruction. However, just like anything else in the game, it is possible to miss some if you’re not careful.

Note: There are no trophies for collecting all of the weapons, though you can get one for fully upgrading them all.

The 9MM Pistol | The Quarantine Zone

The 9MM Pistol is obtained shortly after Tess and Joel flee the checkpoint that gets attacked by the Fireflies. After heading into a nearby building and entering a tunnel, Joel will pick the pistol up off a table. This one is mandatory and can’t be missed.

The Revolver | The Outskirts

The Revolver is found a short ways after the cut scene where Tess throws a bottle to distract the clicker so the three of you can escape. After moving the filing cabinet so you can continue, you’ll come to an area where you hear several Infected below you. The Revolver is next to a dead body before you drop down to deal with the problem at hand.

The Hunting Rifle | The Outskirts

Just so we don’t spoil it for anyone, the Hunting Rifle is introduced shortly after Tess reveals some very troubling information to Joel. When you and Ellie head upstairs, you’ll jump across a gap to another room. Laying next to a dead body is the Hunting Rifle. As with most of the newly introduced weapons in the game, this one is going to come in handy very quickly.

The Bow | Bill’s Town

The Bow is found just after you loot the record store at the far end of the main street. Head around to the back of the store where a Clicker will set off one of Bill’s traps. You’ll find the Bow propped against an armchair once you climb on top of an abandoned truck.

The Shotgun | Bill’s Town

The Shotgun is given to you as part of the story and cannot be missed. After leaving Bill’s bar, you’ll come to his makeshift armory in the basement of a church. Bill will give you the Shotgun during one of the cut scenes. Shortly after that scene, he will call you over and introduce you to the Bomb. We’re not giving that one its own section because it cannot be upgraded the same way that other weapons can. However, it will almost certainly be one of your go to options when things get out of control.

The Shorty | The Suburbs

The Shorty is found after entering the sewers with Henry, Sam and Ellie. Once you open a door that triggers a noise trap, move forward a very short distance. You’ll find the Shorty sitting on a table. Again, it comes in handy almost immediately.

The El Diablo | Tommy’s Dam

The El Diablo is pretty easy to miss, but you get another crack at it a short ways down the road. When the chapter begins, move forward until you see an abandoned car. Approach the body near the driver’s side door, then grab the El Diablo from the ground. If you missed it, you can also pick it up from a guard shack in the same area that triggers a cut scene and get your first glimpse of Tommy.

The Flamethrower | The University

The Flamethrower is one of the most powerful, yet underrated weapons in the game. Once you enter the university gates on horseback, make your way up the street until you see an open garage to the right. Head inside and you’ll find the Flamethrower propped against an old car. This thing is a straight up Bloater killer, and you’ve got one coming up in about 10 minutes.

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