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The Last of Us Remastered – All Comic Book Locations – Endure and Survive Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

How To Find All The Comic Books And Unlock The Trophy

If you’ve been playing The Last of Us, then you know that there are a lot of things to overcome and tasks to complete before you can move on to the next chapter. To make things easier for you we have put together a complete walkthrough and game guide for the Last of Us, and you can access it all for free right here.

The Last of Us Remastered definitely has its fair share of cool collectibles. From Firefly Pendants to Artifacts, there is no shortage of things for players to pick up and stuff in their backpacks. Today, we’re going to help you find all 14 Comic locations in the game, unlocking the Endure and Survive trophy when you pick up the last one in Chapter 12: Jackson.

Note: The Comic locations are numbered in the order that you collect them in the game, not by volume. The volume number is listed next to the name of the Comic.

Comic #1 | Pittsburgh | Volume 3: Force Carrier

The first Comic of the game isn’t collected until Chapter 5: Pittsburgh, and it is received during the opening cut scene. You don’t have to do anything to collect this one, it’s given to you as part of the story. You can view it in your inventory once the scene is over and you’re in control of Joel.

Comic #2 | Pittsburgh | Volume: 1 Termination Shock

The next Comic is found shortly after fighting off the initial ambush by the Hunters when you first begin Chapter 5: Pittsburgh. Joel will point to a bridge and state “That’s our way out.” After jumping over the railing of the fire escape and onto the street, walk forward to an abandoned bus. The Comic is on the floor.

Comic #3 | Pittsburgh | Volume 6: Accretion

Your third Comic is going to be found just after Ellie saves Joel by picking up the handgun and shooting the Hunter in the head. Climb up the ladder, then go left, turning left a second time to enter an area that looks like a lounge. Shimmy across a broken floor to find the Comic sitting on a table beside the couch.

Comic #4 | Pittsburgh | Volume 10: Deep Phase

You can find this Comic shortly after meeting Henry and Sam. Once you leave the apartment with them, you’ll go into a hallway and down some stairs. Use a Shiv to open the door, then search the apartment. The Comic is on the desk chair in the child’s bedroom.

Comic #5 | The Suburbs | Volume 11: Anti Particles

You can find the first of two Comics in this chapter shortly after the cut scene where Joel threatens to shoot Henry. Head along the beach and toward a boat. When you climb on top and go through a door into the cabin you’ll find the Comic on the dash.

Comic #6 | The Suburbs | Volume 12: Messenger Particle

The final Comic of this chapter is located in the last house before you drop down and are engaged by the Sniper. It’s on the second floor, sitting on the back of a toilet inside a bathroom attached to one of the bedrooms.

Comic #7 | Tommy’s Dam | Volume 5: Foreign Element

When the chapter begins, head along the shore and toward the dam. Look around for an upside down car, and laying beside it will be the first of two Comics in this chapter. If you reach the dam and turn the wheel, you’ve gone too far.

Comic #8 | Tommy’s Dam | Volume 12: Zero Point

You can find the second and final Comic of this chapter in the second floor of the house that Ellie runs away to. Search all the upstairs bedrooms, finding the Comic next to a window ledge with some board games nearby.

Comic #9 | The University | Volume 7: Free Radicals

The only Comic to be found in this chapter is a little bit on the ridiculous side. As soon as you gain control, turn the horse around and go to the far edge of the playable area. You’ll find the Comic sitting on the hood of a car.

Comic #10 | Lakeside Resort | Volume 4: Uncertainty

Shortly after hitting the deer with your second arrow, you’ll track it into a town. Follow the blood trail into a wooden barn, then duck into a side room on the left side. You’ll find the Comic sitting inside the desk drawer.

Comic #11 | Lakeside Resort | Volume 8: Negentropy

The final Comic of this chapter is located shortly after Ellie is shot off her horse. Players will have to fight through some Hunters, then walk around the edge of a cliff and through a pipe. Once you exit the pipe, turn around and go up some stairs to find the Comic sitting on one of the benches.

Comic #12 | Bus Depot | Volume 9: Precipitate

The first of two Comics found in this chapter is just after Ellie and Joel see the giraffes. Head down some stairs to an area that has a chain link fence that snakes to the outside. Before you head outside, go into the nearby bathroom and find the Comic sitting on the ground just outside one of the stalls.

Comic #13 | Bus Depot | Volume 13: Catalysis

The final Comic in Chapter 10: Bus Depot is found shortly after getting by the three Bloaters, and after Joel swims underwater and through a bus. The Comic is found on the left side of the tunnel, sitting at the end of the what appears to be some broken ventilation shafts.

Comic #14 | Jackson | Volume 14: Singularity

The final Comic of the game is located just after Joel helps Ellie climb through the barbed wire fence. Head to the right side of the playable area where you’ll see an abandoned truck. The Comic is sitting in the driver’s side seat.

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