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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 8 – Chasing the Light

by Prima Games Staff

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Head towards the objective indicated on your map. When you get close, follow the neon trails to the crime scene. You need to take two specific photos to advance to the next part of the mission. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when the R2 button appears, off to the right of the camera’s field of view.

  • Grab a photo of the victim’s wound on his torso
  • Take a picture of the victim’s face

Use the rooftops to head to your next objective, indicated by a magnifying glass on the map. Although the area is crawling with D.U.P. agents, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Stay on the high ground and pick them off one by one. If you see a cluster of them below, try the Comet Drop to do major damage. When the area is clear, drop down and get out your camera.

  • Take a photo of the victim’s face for Reggie

When you get the picture, look near the crime scene (within 10-15 feet) to find a cooler with an arrow pointing up. That’s the victim’s stash that you were looking for. As you approach, the sniper takes a shot at you. Quickly head towards the sign where the shot came from, causing the sniper to flee. Chase them as best you can; just know that they’re impossible to catch. When you lose the chase, head back to the nest to discover the killer is a woman. Time to take more photos.

  • Take a picture of the neon sign that says “Brent” hanging on the wall to the left
  • Snap a photo of the Jane Eyre book on the ground to the right
  • Grab a shot of the woman’s boots to the left and next to the blue cooler
  • Lastly, get a photo of the women’s clothing hanging on the line in front of you

There’s one more photo to take. Move forward a few feet, looking at the face on the board by the right side of the sign. See how it lines up with the face on the building below?

  • Take a picture that shows how the two sides of the face connect.

After Reggie discovers that the photo is of a man named Brent Walker, head to the location marked on your map. Use your Smoke Dash to pass through the gate and into Brent’s hideout. This time, you need a total of five pictures to advance.

  • Take a picture of the center of the swirl directly in front of you
  • Grab a snapshot of the word “Brent” at the top of the wall above the swirl
  • Snap a shot of the birds on the wall to your left
  • Get a photo of the picture of Brent and a girl on the desk
  • On the left side of the desk, take a shot of the large picture of Brent

Move to the other side of the room you’re in and into the marker to take one last picture.

  • Take a photo of the neon artwork showing Brent sitting in a chair

Once you’ve finished taking the photos and talking to Reggie, Smoke Dash back out the way you came to complete the mission.