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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 11 – Trash the Stash

by Prima Games Staff

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Players will now have the option of a blue and red star on their maps. One represents Good Karma and one Evil Karma. Since this is the Good Karma play through, head to the blue star to begin.

Head to the docks and begin working your way through the drug dealers. Your map will now show several magnifying glasses on it, each representing a boat that needs to be searched. Once the battle begins, threats will come from all directions. Don’t be afraid to take cover and heal. Focus on your enemies’ legs to rack up some extra Good Karma and move one step closer to becoming a hero.

After thinning the drug dealer herd, Fetch will let you know she’s found some houseboats filled with drugs. A quick glance at your map will show that three of the magnifying glasses are now stars, representing the houseboats you need to investigate.

Move to each boat, heading around the back to find some coolers with pictures of dolphins on them. Open the coolers to find the drugs. Afterwards, go around to the front of each houseboat and tag it so Fetch can destroy it. Beware: two of the houseboats are occupied, so go around to the side and free them before tagging the boats.

When all three boats are tagged, it’s time to make your way back to Fetch. Check your map to see her location, along with a hoard of drug dealers. Continue using Neon Beam to subdue your enemies. There’s plenty, and you can really advance your Good Karma rating.

Tip: Keep a close eye on your map during this mission. While not the same for all players, we found several Blast Shards that we used to upgrade Delsin’s Neon powers.

After meeting up with Fetch at the top of the building, it’s time to follow the drug truck. Do as the lady says and stick to the rooftops. Just follow her until the truck stops. When it does, take out the remaining dealers and open the back door of the truck to complete the mission.

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