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How to Get the Viper School Gear in The Witcher 3

by Prima Games Staff

If you played The Witcher 3 for several hours, you already know Geralt looks unorganized wearing four different types of armor. In fact, we recall one piece of sporty chest armor that looked like a blue and white checkerboard. Not exactly something you’d wear out in public.

The good news is, there are sets of armor and gear you can track down to not only make yourself look better, but also avoid taking as much damage. It should also be noted these are often found during quests, or while you randomly travel the map. We’ll skip all of that and cut to the chase, showing you where to go in order to get the necessary diagrams.

Of course, you’ll have to track down an armorer or blacksmith who can make sense of the diagrams we lead you to, and you’ll have to obtain the materials so they can craft your gear. It’s also worth noting that listed on the diagram will be a level that you’re required to reach in order to use the gear. Make sure you aren’t wasting resources on crafting things that you won’t be able to use for another five or six levels. As for the materials that we mentioned, most of them should already be in your inventory, but if they’re not you can try dismantling some gear to get them. For example, if you dismantle a nekker eye, it will give you a monster eye, a common crafting component in some armor.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Viper School Gear, which is in fact only two swords. If you get these early enough in the game, they should give you a solid bump in the damage output that Geralt is capable of.

Viper School Gear

The first place you need to go is an old brick watchtower near the Ransacked Village. You’ll find it to the east of White Orchard. When you arrive, move around the base until you see fallen bricks you can walk up. Do this, then continue to climb until you reach a handful of Temerian deserters. Slice up the deserters, being careful not to fall off one of the ledges.

When everyone but you is dead, spend a few moments snagging all of the gear scattered on the floor, then go inside the watchtower. In here you’ll find a chest, and inside the chest is the Serpentine Steel Sword Diagram, which is one half of this hunt.

The second piece of gear can be found north of the Mill Signpost in White Orchard. More specifically, you need to go to the White Orchard Cemetery. You’ll find a wraith there, as well as a Place of Power you can draw from. What you really need to do, however, is go inside the nearby building and smash open the door with Aard. Head downstairs and prepare to fight another wraith (assuming you haven’t killed it previously). When the coast is clear, use your Witcher Senses to loot the area, including a skeleton that has the Serpentine Silver Sword Diagram on it. This will conclude your Viper School Gear Treasure Hunt.

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