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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 7: Reunion

by Prima Games Staff

This mission will put you back in the shoes of Master Chief and his accompanying Blue Team. You’ll work your way inside a facility where you can activate a terminal and take an elevator deeper into the stage.

It’ll become clear you’re in Genesis as you get off the elevator, and you’ll run into a few Covenant soldiers as you make your way further into the canyon. Take them down and then you’ll see a forked path. Take the left route into a nearby tunnel and you’ll locate a Data Pad, which should be right next to a Grunt’s corpse. 

After getting that, make your way into the Forerunner facility (hit down on the D-pad in case you get lost) and take care of the other Covenant soldiers hanging out there. Look for tan-colored sections along the walls, as you can break through these and find an alternate path to enemies, if you prefer not to fight in the open. In addition, you’ll find extra weaponry and other loot in these areas, so don’t hesitate to use your Spartan Charge (RB + sprint) to break through to the other side. 

You’ll eventually make your way into the facility, where you can find a higher platform with a terminal on it. Use one of the nearby ledges and your boost to get across and activate it. Then move on and you’ll come across another open stage with a Guardian up ahead. Make your way over the light bridge and another cut scene will play. 

After that, move into the nearby corridor, which will take you down a nearby tunnel. You’ll come across a waterfall, which you can look around to find some Intel for the Forerunner console, as well as a helpful Binary Rifle for long-range sniping chances. 

You’ll see a tan wall on the left hand side. Break through it with the Spartan Charge and you’ll have an easy route into the canyon, instead of running in the open and being an easy target for Prometheans. Take them down and you’ll come across the Warden Eternal again, ready to fight. Watch out for his sword slashes (boost out of the way to avoid these) and continue firing to bring him down. 

There will be another light bridge at this point. Go across and use the Phaetons to move over the canyon, but don’t forget to kill enemies standing in your way. Press down on the D-pad to find the objective marker, and you’ll come to a gravity lift. 

Use this lift and you’ll get to the other side of the canyon, where you’ll access a Forerunner Domain gateway. Go through it and another cut scene will kick in. Once it’s done, the mission will conclude and you’ll earn a Together Again Achievement.

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