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Gravity Rush 2 – Fly Me Into the Storm – Save Misai, Collect Ore

by Josh Hawkins

After you have traveled to the Forbidden Land in Gravity Rush 2, a second side quest called Fly Me Into the Storm will unlock, allowing you to earn some additional items that you can use to upgrade your Power. In this article we’ll walk you through the entire quest, and show you how to complete it without any issues.

For the most part this quest is fairly straightforward. Before you complete it, though, be sure to head over to the bird coop and complete the game’s first side mission, Dream Doll, Angel Doll. Talk to Misai in Banga and he will ask you to accompany him on a survey of a new mining area. Agree to tag along, and then wait for the mining airship to make its way to the area. You can also skip the process by pressing the Options button on your PlayStation 4.

Once you arrive at the area, you’ll need to help transport Misai along, as the islands are separated without any visible bridges that he can cross. Use your Stasis Shield to pick him up, and then Press R1 to activate your Gravity Float. A marker should appear on your screen. Follow the marker to the island indicated in the mission.

When you arrive at the island, Scarabs will spawn, and you’ll need to take them out. Drop Misai off in a safe area, and then take out the Scarabs around the area. Remember to make use of all your skills when clearing out enemy forces. Once the enemies are clear, return to Misai to progress the mission. He’ll ask you to collect 30 Precious Gems. Do so by kicking and breaking the various Ore deposits around the island.

After you finish collecting the first 30 Gems, return to Misai and pick him up once more. Travel to the marker indicated on the screen, and take care of any Scarabs in the area. Once that is done, drop Misai off at the ore, and then collect the amount specified on your screen.

With the second set of Gems acquired, it is time to move on. Pick up Misai once more with your Stasis shield and then head to the marker on the next island. There aren’t any Scarabs here, so Misai will advise you to head to another island. Follow the marker using your Gravity Float ability, and then take care of the Scarabs around the new island. Once they are down, gather up the 30 Gems that you need. 

About the time you finish, Misai will sound off on the radio. He’s in trouble and you need to save him. Hop into the air with R1, and speed back over to the island where you left him. A horde of Scarabs have spawned in the area, so you’ll need to take them out and save Misai. Deal with the Scarab threat and then talk to Misai to finish up the mission.

You and Misai will return back to Banga, where he’ll promise your dinner for your troubles. You can return to our Gravity Rush 2 guide for more information, tips, and guides to help you save the world and master Kat’s gravity-based powers.