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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – How to Obtain a Relic Weapon

by Bryan Dawson

While the trek to level 50 in Final Fantasy 14 is a long one, it serves to teach players how to use their respective job classes. Once you reach the level cap, it’s time to gear up your job and run the more difficult endgame dungeons. One of the biggest items in your quest to obtain the best gear is your relic weapon. Some classes should get the level 95 Allagan weapon, but that’s not something you can acquire shortly after hitting level 50. So your first step should be the relic weapon and possibly the Zenith (+1) version as well.

The first step toward obtaining your relic weapon is to complete all of your class and job quests. You should have at least one quest every five class and job levels, with possibly two quests at level 50. You also need to have the initial main scenario quests complete, and gain access to the Amdapor Keep dungeon. Once all of that is complete, speak with Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay (x12-y14).

The first quest you need to receive from Nedrick is called “The Weaponsmith of Legend”. This takes you to Revenant’s Toll, then on to the North Shroud. Once you reach the North Shroud, you must speak with Gerolt (x30-y20), who will finally give you the quest, “A Relic Reborn”. You can only be on one Relic Reborn quest at a time, which means the job you accept the quest on is the job you’re getting the relic weapon for.

The only way to get another relic weapon or switch the job is to complete the quest in full, or abandon the quest. In addition, everything you do for the quest must be done on the job you accepted the quest as. If this is not the case, you won’t get credit for your actions. You will have to return to Gerolt multiple times throughout the quest. It’s best to teleport to New Gridania, then to the Yellow Serpent Gate. However, if money isn’t an issue, you can port directly to the North Shroud and spend a little more time on your mount.

Once you’ve started the Relic Reborn quest, you need to head to one of the Beastmen strongholds and find a chest containing a broken version of the weapon you seek. You can generally get through the strongholds on your mount without engaging most of the enemies. You may have to kill a few once you reach the coffer with the weapon in it.

Weapon Coffer Locations
Location Job
Natalan BRD, DRG
Sapsa Spawning Grounds SCH
Sylphlands SMN
U’Ghamaro Mines BLM, WAR, WHM
Zaha’rak MNK, PLD

Deliver the broken weapon to Gerolt, who then instructs you to bring him a crafted weapon with two Materia melds. These weapons are available on the market boards, or you can buy or gather the materials and make the weapon yourself if you have a high enough crafting class or know someone who will craft it for you. In many cases, you can even find the weapon with the Materia already melded onto it, if you’re willing to pay the hefty price the market board seller is likely requesting.

Crafted Weapon and Materia
Job Weapon Materia
BLM Sanguine Scepter Savage Might III (2)
BRD Longarm’s Composite Bow Heaven’s Eye III (2)
DRG Champion’s Lance Savage Aim III (2)
MNK Wilding Cesti Savage Aim III (2)
PLD Aeolian Scimitar Battledance III (2)
SCH Erudite’s Picatrix of Healing Quicktongue III (2)
SMN Erudite’s Picatrix of Casting Savage Might III (2)
WAR Barbarian’s Bardiche Battledance III (2)
WHM Madman’s Whispering Rod Quicktongue III (2)

With the Materia-melded weapon in hand, head back to Gerolt again. This time, he instructs you to obtain Alumina Salts by defeating D’Horme Chimera. Use the Party Finder or shout in Revenant’s Toll to gather a party of eight players (in the next major patch, this battle and the Hyrda battle will be added to the Duty Finder as well). You only need one tank, but try to get a Bard if you can. Fight Chimera at the top of the hill, outside of the cave, so most of the party can easily avoid many of its attacks, and make sure you have a Bard or Paladin to stun or silence Ram’s Voice. Fighting at the top of the hill with this setup and stunning or silencing every Ram’s Voice will make this fight relatively easy.

Defeat Chimera, then head back to Gerolt who now requests an Amdapor Glyph. Before you head off, you need to go back to Revenant’s Toll and speak with Rowena (x22-y6). From here, you can obtain the glyph by completing the Amdapor Keep dungeon found in the Duty Finder. You need to be around item level 60 as a melee DPS to make this run relatively easy. If you’re not, you’ll need skill or at least one high item level DPS to carry you through the Demon Wall boss.

With Amdapor Keep taken care of, speak with Rowena once again, then head back to Gerolt. It’s not time to equip your partial completed relic weapon and head out to one of the Beastmen strongholds to kill 24 specific enemies (eight each of three different enemies). The enemies must be killed with the partial relic weapon or it will not count toward the quest. The enemies go down with relative ease, but this part of the quest goes much faster if you have a friend or two to help out.

Beastmen Stronghold Enemies
Job Enemies
BLM U’Ghamaro Quarrymen (8), Bedesmen (8), Priests (8)
BRD Natalan Boldwings (8), Fogcallers (8), Windtalons (8)
DRG Natalan Boldwings (8), Fogcallers (8), Swiftbeaks (8)
MNK Zahar’ak Lancers (8), Pugilists (8), Archers (8)
PLD Zahar’ak Lancers (8), Pugilists (8), Thaumaturges (8)
SCH Sapsa Shelfspine (8), Shelfclaw (8), Shelftooth (8)
SMN Sylpheed Sighs (8), Screeches (8), Snarls (8)
WAR U’Ghamaro Quarrymen (8), Bedesmen (8), Priests (8)
WHM U’Ghamaro Quarrymen (8), Bedesmen (8), Priests (8)

Defeat the Beastmen, then head back to Gerolt. This time he tells you to defeat the Hydra with the unfinished relic weapon. Just like with the Chimera fight, use the Party Finder or shout in Revenant’s Toll. You need a party of eight players, including two tanks. The key here is to kill the adds when they spawn and make sure everyone is spread out along the outside of the arena. Both tanks should be in front of Hydra and avoid her frontal AoE attacks. When Hydra runs to the center of the arena, all players should stack as close to Hydra as possible to avoid being charmed.

Once Hydra is down, head back to Gerolt again to deliver the unfinished relic weapon. It’s now time to defeat all three hard mode Primals. The first up is Ifrit, followed by Garuda, then Titan. All three fights can be done via the Duty Finder, but it’s best to avoid Duty Finder for the Titan battle. This is because the Duty Finder will force you to have two tanks in your party, while you only need one tank to best Titan Hard Mode. The loss of DPS by having an extra tank instead of a damage dealing class can make a big difference in this battle.

With all three Primals down, you can head back to Gerolt again. Before you can complete the quest, you will need a bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil, which can be purchased from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (x22-y6) with 900 Philosphy Tomestones. To save time, you may want to pick up the oil first, then head over to Gerolt. Either way, once you speak with Gerolt after defeating all three Primals, then give him the oil, he will hand over your completed relic weapon.

To make the more powerful Zenith version of the weapon, use 900 Mythology Tomestones to purchase three Thavnarian Mist from Auriana. Unequip the relic weapon and interact with the furnace next to Gerolt to obtain the Zenith relic weapon.

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