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Dragon Age: Inquisition -The Storm Coast Side Quests

by Bryan Dawson

Most of the side quests in the Storm Coast region are fairly straightforward. You’ll need to start each quest, head to the new waypoint on your map, then perform a task to complete the quest. Recruit Blackwall early on in this region, then bring Solas and Varric with you if you wish to get the most out of the story elements in these quests. Some quests also require a mage (Solas can serve this purpose), and Varric’s “Seeing Red” quests can be nearly completed here as well.

Cleaning House

Description: Inquisition soldiers were dispatched to meet with a group of bandits operating on the Storm Coast. The Inquisition lost contact with its soldiers before their planned rendezvous with the bandits.
Starting NPC: Scout Harding
Requirements: Power Level 8
Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power Level

Quest Objectives:

  • Advance to the rendezvous point
  • Find the bandits and deal with them

Speak with Scout Harding once you enter the Storm Coast area to begin this quest. The general location of the rendezvous point is marked on your map. When you reach the house around the center of the search area, kill the enemies that patrol outside. Head inside the house to find a map that shows the location of the enemy hideout, which will now be marked on your map, as well as a note from the enemies.

You need to gather one deepstalker hide and two serpentstones so you can craft the Mercy’s Crest. The materials are all found in the Storm Coast region, so if you don’t have them already, complete some of the other side quests, picking up loot as you go. Once you have the materials, craft the item at any of the camps in the Storm Coast (at the requisition table), then head south to the next location marked on your map to engage a large group of enemies. Make sure your mages keep a Barrier spell active as often as possible as this fight may be a little longer than the previous battle.

Equip the Mercy’s Crest on one of your party members, then once the main group of enemies is down, the leader challenges you to a battle. Finish him off to complete the quest.

Holding the Storm Coast

Description: Establish camps to hold the Storm Coast and support Inquisition activity in the region.
Starting NPC: Scout Harding
Requirements: None
Reward: +50 Influence and +1 Power Level per camp

Quest Objective:

  • Establish three camps

As soon as you enter the Storm Coast, speak with Scout Harding to begin this quest. The camp sites are marked on your map. Journal out to the camp sites and setup three camps (including the first camp) to complete the quest. You are rewarded for each camp you establish except the first one.

Wardens of the Coast

Description: There are signs that several Grey Wardens passed through the area, but scouts have been unable to track them with all the bandits around.
Starting NPC: War Room Table
Requirements: Venture to the Storm Coast at least one time
Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power Level

Quest Objective:

  • Find four signs of the Wardens

Once you’ve been to the Storm Coast at least once, had back to your base of operations (Haven or Skyhold) and go to the war room. Scout the Storm Coast area, then travel to the region to investigate. There are four new waypoints marked on the map, then head for those locations and search the area until your mini-map indicates there’s hidden loot nearby. Locate all four hidden items to complete the quest.

Keeping the Darkspawn Down

Description: Darkspawn are surfacing on the Storm Coast, and it’s up to the Inquisition to put them down. They appear to be surfacing through tunnels. If these tunnels are sealed, it should keep the darkspawn underground where they belong.
Starting NPC: War Room Table (Skyhold)
Requirements: Gain access to Skyhold
Reward: +512 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power Level

Quest Objective:

  • Seal four tunnels

Go to Skyhold and summon the war council to the war room. Using the war table map, assign Leliana to scout the locations of the darkspawn in the Storm Coast. When it’s time to head out to the area, make sure you have at least one mage in your party. This is not optional if you wish to complete the quest.

When you arrive at the area, all four tunnels are marked on your map. Travel to each tunnel and clear out the enemies within, then use a mage to seal each tunnel. Once all four tunnels are sealed, the quest is complete.

Red Water

Description: Inquisition soldiers were dispatched to investigate a dwarven port on the Storm Coast that is currently being held by red templars. The port gives the red templars a foothold in the region. The soldiers have cleared the way to storm the port.
Starting NPC: War Room Table (Skyhold)
Requirements: Complete the “Red Templars on the Storm Coast” war table mission
Reward: +512 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power Level

Quest Objective:

  • Storm the red templar stronghold

When you arrive in the Storm Coast, fast travel to the Driftwood Margin camp to cut your travel time to the destination marked on the map. Enter the Daerwin’s Mouth region then continue up the beach to the cave ahead. Take out the first set of enemies inside the cave, then claim the landmark just beyond and head through the small corridor until you reach the next walkway.

Head across the bridge then to the left and down the stairs. When you reach a door that requires a key, kill any enemies in the surrounding area. One of the enemies will drop the key if you don’t already have it. Open the locked door and loot the room beyond, then head back up to the bridge.

This time head the other direction (right instead of left) to find another room filled with loot. Collect the loot then head down the next corridor and across the bridge ahead. Loot the next room then head down the stairs to engage another group of enemies. Defeat the enemies then make your way down the path to the right to find one more group of enemies. Defeat the enemies to complete the quest.

Keep this location in mind when you’re ready to take on the five High Dragons as you’ll need to come here to access the location of one of the dragons.

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