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Dark Souls 3 – Beat Vordt of the Boreal Valley

by Bryan Dawson

Near the end of the High Wall of Lothric you encounter the boss, Vordt of the Boreal Valley. The boss battle against Vordt is fairly simple if you started as a knight or have obtained a shield with 100 percent physical damage reduction. If you don’t have a shield like this, Vordt still isn’t overly difficult so long as you move and roll frequently to dodge Vordt’s attacks.

If you keep your distance from Vordt he will use multiple long-reaching attacks that can be difficult to dodge if you’re not ready for them. It’s best to stay close to Vordt and hug his rear end as much as possible. While Vordt will move around to try to face you, it shouldn’t be too difficult to move right back to his back side.

As you’re approaching Vordt favor his right side (your left) that isn’t holding the mace. This makes it easier to time your roll to avoid his various mace attacks. If you stay locked on to Vordt there will be times when you’ll find yourself right smack in the middle of him, unable to even see your character. This isn’t a bad place to be because most of Vordt’s attacks will miss when you’re that close. Attack a few times then try to get behind Vordt again.

Once Vordt reaches approximately 50 percent health he backs away and starts using a fast, charging attack. This can be difficult to avoid if you’re not already moving to the left or right in preparation. As soon as you see Vordt move, dodge to the direction you’re moving to avoid the dashing attack. Vordt may also attempt to jump on top of you. If this happens dodge away as quickly as possible to avoid taking damage.

If Vordt remains stationary and ice starts forming in his mouth, get behind him as quickly as possible. If you’re unable to get behind Vordt, move to his right side (once again, your left) as the ice beam attack that follows starts from Vordt’s left and moves to the right. If you’re close to Vordt or behind him during this attack you can hit him numerous times before he stops and resumes his other attacks.

The only other concern you should have when facing off against Vordt is avoiding frostbite. You may notice a meter that appears in the center of the screen and goes up as you block or get hit by Vordt’s attacks. If the meter reaches full you will take damage, but as long as you’re hitting Vordt after each of his attacks you shouldn’t have difficulty defeating him before that happens.

Take down Vordt to obtain the Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt, then light the Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire on the far side of the room. Continue through the newly opened doors beyond the bonfire and walk toward the edge of the cliff to initiate a cut scene that leaves you in the Undead Settlement.

At this point you can go back to our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide or move on to the Undead Settlement!

Bryan Dawson

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