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Dark Souls 2 Guide: Belfry Luna – How to Beat the Bell Keepers

by Bryan Dawson

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Head through the door and speak with the man sitting to the right. If you join the Bell Keeper covenant, you get the Bell Keeper’s Seal ring. Head up the stairs, watch out for the holes in the floor and defeat the Dark Spirit Bell Keeper. The Dark Spirit Invaders may look small and relatively harmless, but they inflict significant damage if you get hit. They also inflict dark magic damage, so even if you have a shield that absorbs 100 percent damage, unless it has 100 percent dark magic resistance as well, you will still take damage. 

Pick up the item in the corner to obtain a Skeptic’s Spice. Drop down through the hole in the center of the room (you will take minor fall damage) and open the coffer against the wall to find a Blue Tearstone Ring. Go to the alcove in the corner of the room to find another Skeptic’s Spice, then head back up the stairs to the third floor.

Two more Dark Spirit Bell Keepers await. Watch out for the explosive barrels in the room, and move around to separate the two enemies so you can fight them easier. If you get too far away from either, they use fire bombs, so be watchful of that as well. You can’t enter the mist in the corner yet, so head up the ladder on the other side of the room. 

On the next floor are three Dark Spirit Bell Keepers and their leader (in red). Depending on your luck, not all of the Bell Keepers will be in the middle of the area, but there will be some around the top of the ladder, so be careful when you reach the top. You can trick them into falling to the room below, but as long as you stay in the middle area, you can avoid fighting too many at once. 

Move around until they start to separate, then take them out one or two at a time. If you don’t get the attention of all of the Bell Keepers at the onset of the fight, there will be one or two around the outskirts of the room. Explore the outer edge of the area to find the remaining Bell Keepers, as well as another Skeptic’s Spice. Open the chest in the corner to obtain two Radiant Lifegems and Twilight Herbs, then pull the lever on the side of the area to ring the bell and remove the gate blocking the mist on the floor below.

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