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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 2 – Memory 1: Imprisoned – Knock Out the Thief

by Prima Games Staff


  • Three perfect parries
  • Two smoke bomb evasions

When the memory begins, you won’t really have an objective, but there are several items that you can interact with in your jail cell. The one you’re looking for to progress the story is the mattress. Approach and interact with it to trigger a cut scene.

Knock Out the Thief

The game attempts to teach you how to do a perfect parry, something you’ll want to master if you intend to complete both of the challenges in this memory. Simply follow the on-screen instructions, timing your parry as shown. After you win the fight, you’ll have completed your objective.

Kill the Guards

Your next objective will be to kill the guards as they enter your cell. This can be done by hiding against the wall in the side room, then attacking them from behind when the opportunity presents itself. The good news is that even you lose the element of surprise, you can still fight them and progress the story forward.

Escape the Bastille

It’s time to get the heck out of there, but before you can make your escape, you’ll need to protect your new friend, Bellec. When he reaches a locked gate, turn around and fight the advancing guards. This is the best opportunity to get your perfect parry challenge, and you can even pick up your Smoke Bomb evasions with the second wave. Challenges aside, however, you can just kill them with your sword to move things along.

Once Bellec gets that gate open, it’s time to make a run for the window. If you’re missing any of your Smoke Bomb evasions, this is a good time to pick one up, then run past the guards and head outside. When you finally get a whiff of fresh air, follow Bellec as he tries to lead you to freedom.

After a short parkour tour, you’ll be faced with several armed guards who intend to shoot you. Not to beat a dead horse, but now is another great opportunity for a Smoke Bomb evasion, but otherwise just charge them, dodging their attacks and taking them out with some sword play. Don’t forget to utilize your new skill, the perfect parry.

With all five of your targets down, get back to following Bellec just a little bit further, then enjoy the memory ending cut scene.

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