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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 12 – Memory 3: The Temple – Germain Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff


  • Three double assassinations
  • Two alarm bells sabotaged

Find Germain

From your starting location you’ll need to go to your right, climbing up the wall of the compound that lies just to your south. Don’t go over the wall, instead choosing to perch on top when both of the nearby Snipers have their backs to you. Take one out with a Phantom Blade, then the other when the coast is clear. If you have to drop back down the wall on the street side, do so. Take your time on this one.

With both Snipers down, you need to take out the Extremist that sits next to the hay cart on the ground level. Jump into the hay cart, then kill your foe from your hiding position. With him down, exit the cart and snap into cover next to the doorway. Using your Eagle Vision, you should spot two Extremists on the other side of the wall. Wait for one to walk away, then hit the other with a Phantom Blade. Take out his buddy when he returns to investigate.

Climb back up on the wall and take cover behind some barrels, looking to the south and up a set of stairs. You’ll see a stationary Brute, as well as two Extremists that patrol back and forth. When it’s just the Brute standing there, climb the wall and get on top of the roof, then look to the northeast with Eagle Vision to spot a Sniper on the opposite side. Kill him with a Phantom Blade headshot, then return and do the same to the Brute. This will prompt the patrolling Extremists to come and investigate, and that’s when you kill them with a Double Air Assassination. Ignore the additional Extremists to the south.

Move back to where you initially climbed over the wall at the start of the mission, then head to the east. Pass by two Snipers, using your Hidden Blade to kill an Extremist further on. With that done, climb the tower behind the two Snipers and kill them with a Double Air Assassination.

Continue northeast and up the stairs, climbing the wall on the right to find yourself on another rooftop. Just make sure you do this when the two patrolling Extremists aren’t around. When they return and you’re in position, take them out with a Double Air Assassination, completing the challenge.

Climb back up on the roof you were just on, taking note that it’s intersected by a lower roof. Move to the end of the lower roof, then take out the two nearby Snipers with your Phantom Blade. If you can’t spot them on your own, use Eagle Vision.

With them down, look to the south to spot another Sniper on a nearby rooftop. Take note of how he moves back and forth, running forward and climbing the wall beneath him when he moves away. As he returns, score a ledge kill on him, then drop down to the lower roof that lies just to the south of the intersecting one you killed the snipers from. From here, you should be able to get a good look at most of the killing that’s left to do before you confront Germain.

The low roof that you’re on will feature Extremists on the north and south side of it, and you’re going to kill a ton of them from where you currently sit. Let’s start with the north side.

Look at the ground level for high ranking Extremists, particularly Seekers and Brutes. Whip out your Berserker Blade and shoot one of them, then watch the nonsense unfold. In fact, as they’re fighting, hit another one with a Berserker Blade. It might take some time, but you can watch these guys tear each other apart. Just for giggles, we hit the whole group of them with a Poison Gas Bomb when they were all bunched up.

When the coast is relatively clear, move to the south side of the roof and do the same thing all over again. The Berserker Blade doesn’t have great range, so you might have to hop down and get close. If there are any survivors on either the north or south side of the roof, kill them by any means necessary, then sabotage the alarm bells in each area.

Before you continue, leave the restricted area and go back to where you began the mission, visiting the shop and refilling all of your consumables.

Now that you’re stocked up, approach the giant castle like structure in the middle of the restricted area, climbing up and using your Eagle Vision to spot Germain. When you’re ready, approach him to trigger a cut scene.

Assassinate Germain

As soon as the cut scene ends, start sprinting around the outside of the platform in a clockwise direction. Just keep running, paying attention to what direction Germain is facing. When you’re behind him, approach and stab him.

Find Germain

He didn’t like that, and now you have to track him down to continue the fight. Luckily, you cleared most of the path to where he’s hiding, the exception being the entrance to the catacombs. There are a lot of bad guys guarding this, but it’s nothing that five Berserker Blades can’t handle. Just target the Seekers and Brute, starting a riot among all the Extremists. When they’re busing killing each other, sneak into the catacombs and track down Germain.

Assassinate Germain

This is exactly the same as the first time, only you now have to stab him three times. Once again in a clockwise direction, sprint around the outside of the room, utilizing Eagle Vision to keep tabs on which way Germain is facing. When he’s facing away from you, stab him, then run away when you gain control. Try not to stay still if you can help it, the only exception being when you hide behind cover to avoid his lightning sword of death (not what it’s called). If you really want to put a beating on this guy, toss a few Cherry Bombs to get him facing in the wrong direction, then stab him. When you’re done, the memory is complete and so is the game.

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